Owens Industries CNC Machining Information

Our CNC Machine Shop Takes On Every Challenge

If you’re looking for high-quality precision parts from a CNC shop you can trust, make sure to give Owens Industries a call. We’ve been providing ultra-precision CNC machining for over 70 years, and are dedicated to offering our clients the absolute best in multi-axis milling and electrical discharge machining. We’d love to discuss your products and build you a quote; give us a call today!
Our precision machining capabilities include:

Learn more about the different projects and components our professional CNC engineers develop on a daily basis!

Aerospace CNC Machining
Aerospace CNC Machining

Aircraft Parts Manufacturers

CNC Aircraft Machining

Medical CNC Machining

Medical Machining

EDM Medical
EDM Medical

Electrical Discharge Machining

High Precision 5 Axis Machining

Medical Instrument Machining

Multi-Axis CNC Machining

Precision Aerospace
Precision Aerospace

Precision Medical Manufacturing

Precision Wire EDM

Wire Cut EDM

Wire EDM Service

Wire EDM Shop
Wire EDM Shop

Wisconsin 5 Axis CNC Machine Shop

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