Medical CNC Machining Services

From Prototypes to Large Productions, Owens Specializes in Medical CNC Machining

Precision Medical Machining ServicesIf you outsource your CNC machining needs, choose Owens Industries! Especially if precision is of the utmost importance to your end product and its medical application. For over 60 years our machine shop has been helping the medical industry advance their technologies and lifesaving abilities. With the most reliable EDM and milling services available we give manufacturers and other businesses the capabilities to produce metal components so accurate they push the envelope on what is possible and safe.

While we deal most frequently in medium sized production of medical instrument and device machining, we excel in prototyping parts like implants too.

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Precision Machining for Miniature Medical Components

If your medical device requires micron sized parts or small, detailed metal components to operate exactly as needed, trust Owens. Our micromachining capabilities are beyond that of many U.S. machine shops. Utilizing the best in wire EDM, sinker EDM, multi-axis milling, and lathe machines, we’ll meet or exceed your expectations time and time again. We’ve machined medical parts including:



CT Scanner
  • Alignment Screw / Swiss Screw Machine
  • Support Arc for the Rail / 4 Axis Milling
  • Barrier / Conventional Turn and Mill
Laser Eye Keratome
  • Gear Plate / 4 Axis Milling
Fluid Flow
  • Impeller / 5 Axis Milling
Experimental Heart Pump
  • Polished Impeller / 5 Axis Milling
Element Isolator
  • Conductivity Insulator / Mill Turn
Instrument Cap
  • Micro Tip / Micro Turning
Objective Head
  • Catheter Head / Sinker EDM
Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Rotor / 4 Axis Milling
  • Rotor Housing / 4 Axis Milling
  • Stator / 3 Axis Milling

Learn more about the parts above, like the material machined, any specific features, etc.


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