CNC Machining Services For Precision Custom Parts

Our Custom Engineered CNC Machining Capabilities

Owens Industries provides a large selection of customized CNC machining services, including micromachining, 5 axis, sinker EDM, wire EDM, lathe/turning, deburring, and swiss machining. We can machine a wide variety of materials such as alloy steel, aluminum, carbon steel, hastelloy, and dozens of other metals and superalloys.

Our machining processes and prototyping allow us to engineer high-tolerance and customized parts and components for any industry. Owens is a leader for CNC machining services in many industries such as aerospace, military, medical, oil and gas, optics, and other industries.

Please fill out our contact form and tell us more about your projects, applications, and needs and one of our high skilled representatives will reach out to about making the impossible possible. 

✔ ISO9001 & AS9100 Certified 

✔ Up to .00004” positional accuracies

✔ Angular tolerances of .002°

✔ Prototyping & full-scale production

Customer Reviews

Owens Industries is an excellent shop for high precision and tight tolerance tough to machine parts. They were able to provide very competitive lead times on EDM and complex 5-axis parts and were able to deliver on-time. Their QC is exceptional, providing detailed inspection reports and traceability. Highly recommend for your tough jobs whether it be prototype or production!

Mohammad S.

Owens has always gone above and beyond working with my team in many Engineering projects and have come through each and every time in a crunch with a great quality product.

Donald B.

Outstanding supplier of ultra-high precision parts. Tremendous depth of experience in materials, heat treating, EDM and complex 5 axis parts. Their inspection capabilities mirror and complement their machining work. They support our prototype and low volume production needs and they have been pleasant and professional to work with for many years. Great choice for those things others won't or can't produce.

Michael T.

Excellent, Perfect Parts. We needed hardened steel bearing surfaces with tight finishes and they came out looking like mirrors. If you need perfection, this is the shop for you.

Jonas C.

Top notch shop! Very welcoming and really know their craft. Nothing but great things to say about the company and culture. If you have precision needs, call Owens Industries, Inc.

Michael C.

Owens Industries CNC Machining Services:

Micromachining Services

Micromachining uses extremely precise tools, machines, and controls to produce incredibly small parts and products. These products are commonly used in the medical, optical, aerospace, military, and pharmaceutical industries.

Owens Gives You a Competitive Advantage on Micron Parts The demand for smaller and more efficient technology is not going away anytime soon. Micron parts machined to the highest precision with guaranteed reliability are a must for manufacturers in the aircraft, medical, and telecommunications industries. Owens services will meet your demands with exacting accuracies, helping you get a product out on the market unrivaled by your competitors.

Using innovative CNC technology, including 5-axis milling, Wire EDM and Sinker EDM, our micromachining services produce miniature parts with unparalleled precision results. We use a 300 power magnification camera inspection system, as well as other precision testing equipment, to measure and ensure accuracy. No matter the size of your tiny component, we can machine the necessary intricacies for flawless application.

Owens has micromachined a multitude of miniature parts over the years – some used in nuclear armament timing devices, microscopes, optical switches, and much more. Whether you need impellers, nozzles, gears or something never machined before, Owens will far surpass your expectations and impress like no other machine shop can.

5 Axis CNC Machining Services

5-axis machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment with five axes of motion to shape and finish materials with high precision. 5-axis CNC machining allows for the production of complex shapes and features that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing techniques or even with 3-axis CNC machining.

One of the main advantages of 5-axis CNC machining is its ability to produce parts with complex geometries and high levels of accuracy. Because the machining process is controlled by a computer program, 5-axis CNC machines can produce parts with tolerances as low as 0.001 inches. This makes 5-axis CNC machining ideal for producing precision custom parts that require tight tolerances and consistent quality.

Sinker EDM Services

Sinker Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a specialized manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges to remove material from a workpiece. It is commonly used to produce precise and complex shapes in hard materials that are difficult to machine using traditional methods. In sinker EDM, a thin wire electrode is used to deliver electrical discharges to the surface of the workpiece. These discharges create tiny sparks that vaporize small amounts of material from the workpiece, leaving behind a precise and accurate shape. The wire electrode is typically moved in a programmed pattern to follow the desired shape of the finished part.

Sinker EDM is typically used to produce small, intricate parts with tight tolerances and smooth finishes. It can be used to work with a wide range of materials, including metals (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.), alloys, and hard plastics. One of the main advantages of sinker EDM is its ability to produce precise and accurate shapes in hard materials that are difficult to machine using traditional methods. It can produce shapes with tolerances as low as 0.0001 inches and has a high level of repeatability. It is also capable of producing parts with complex geometries and fine details, such as thin walls and small holes.

Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a specialized manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges to cut precise shapes in conductive materials. It is commonly used to produce complex and precise shapes in hard materials that are difficult to machine using traditional methods. In wire EDM, a thin wire electrode is used to deliver electrical discharges to the surface of the workpiece. These discharges create tiny sparks that vaporize small amounts of material from the workpiece, leaving behind a precise and accurate shape. The wire electrode is guided through a programmed path to follow the desired shape of the finished part.

Wire EDM is typically used to produce small, intricate parts with tight tolerances and smooth finishes. It can be used to work with a wide range of materials, including metals (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.), alloys, and hard plastics. One of the main advantages of wire EDM is its ability to produce precise and accurate shapes in hard materials that are difficult to machine using traditional methods. It can produce shapes with tolerances as low as 0.0001 inches and has a high level of repeatability. 

Lathe/Turning Machining Services

Lathe machining is a manufacturing process that involves the use of a lathe machine to shape and finish materials with high precision. A lathe machine is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece on its axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, sanding, and drilling.

In lathe/turning machining, the workpiece is typically held in a chuck and rotated at a high speed while a cutting tool is guided along its surface to remove material and create the desired shape. The cutting tool can be adjusted to produce various features, such as contours, grooves, and threads. Lathe/turning machining is well-suited for producing cylindrical parts with a high degree of accuracy and symmetry. 

Swiss Machining Services

Swiss machining works in a similar fashion to lathe machining, though differs in two main ways. First, the material, a long rod, can be fed through a hole in the lathe system incrementally to allow large production runs without the need to put in new material for every part. Second, the products produced tend to be small parts with very high tolerances for a variety of applications, including medical equipment, optical components, and aerospace precision parts.

Our Tornos Swiss Machining Lathes Offer Ultra Precision Parts with the Tightest Tolerances

Some of the most precise parts made by the professionals at Owens Industries are manufactured by our brand new Tornos CNC Swiss machining lathes. Our team of professionals manufactures CNC Swiss machined parts for industries all over the United States. From optical measurement components to robotic mechanisms, Owens’ Swiss machined parts provide businesses with the highest quality manufacturing services at the most affordable prices. 

Our new Tornos SwissNano and Swiss GT CNC lathes are able to manufacture ultra-precise parts with the tightest tolerances to your exact specifications. Get in touch with our team of CNC engineers and let us provide you and your business with the best CNC Swiss machined parts available on the market. 

Deburring Services For Machined Parts

Deburring machined parts is the process of removing burrs, or sharp edges and protuberances, from the surface of a machined part. Burrs can be created during the machining process and can affect the performance and functionality of the part if not removed.

Removing burrs can be done manually or with the use of specialized deburring equipment. Manual deburring involves using hand tools, such as files and sandpapers, to remove burrs from the surface of the part. Deburring equipment, on the other hand, utilizes various methods, such as vibratory tumbling, abrasive media blasting, and ultrasonic cleaning, to remove burrs from the part.

Deburring is an important step in the machining process as it ensures that the finished part meets the required tolerances and specifications. It also improves the appearance and functionality of the part, making it ready for use or further processing.

Custom CNC Parts Made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and more Metals

Owens Industries has the ability to produce precision parts at high tolerances with a wide variety of materials intended for all kinds of applications. Choosing the right material to manufacture your prototype, small-batch, or full production CNC parts is critical in ensuring your application works correctly and efficiently. 

Our professional CNC machinists have many years of experience in developing custom parts from a large collection of materials, including:

 Alloy Steel

An iron and carbon composition with other elements intentionally added, including manganese, chromium, vanadium, nickel, or tungsten. Alloy steels are typically divided into two categories: high alloy and low alloy.


A high-quality silver metal that’s soft, lightweight, and durable. Aluminum is commonly used for 5-axis CNC machining in military and aerospace applications.


An alloy comprised of copper and tin, it offers a wide range of properties such as high ductility, hardness, thermal conductivity, strength, and workability. Bronze is often used to manufacture nuts, bolts, threaded parts, bearings, bushings, screws, and more.


An alloy comprised of copper and tin, it offers a wide range of properties such as high ductility, hardness, thermal conductivity, strength, and workability. Bronze is often used to manufacture nuts, bolts, threaded parts, bearings, bushings, screws, and more.

  Carbon Steel

A metal alloy of carbon and steel, but could also contain nickel, copper, or manganese. Carbon steel is commonly used for axles, gears, shafts, rails, pipelines, couplings, and more.


A common metal used in manufacturing electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. Copper requires specialized processes for manufacturing, meaning copper alloys are more common in machining components.

  Hardened Steel

Medium or high carbon steel that has been given heat treatment to temper it, or increases the toughness of the steel. How hard the steel becomes depends on the amount of carbon present in the metal, and it’s typically used to make power shovels, nozzles, surgical instruments, and other manufactured parts.


A strong nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that is resistant to corrosion. Hastelloy steel is often used to manufacture contour rings, rings, hubs, flanges, shafts, and other manufactured products.


Custom CNC Machining and quotes

Custom Multi-Axis Manufacturing Services

Owens Industries goes beyond the capabilities of normal CNC machine shops, helping you achieve the tight tolerances and ultra-precision our competitors can only dream of accomplishing. With a cleanroom type facility, 5 axis machining centers, Wire and Sink EDM machines, a wide variety of materials, and highly experienced machinists, you can count on Owens Industries to produce the most complex custom components meeting your exact specifications with ease.

See how you can produce better parts using the 6 advantages of CNC machining.

CNC Prototyping for Custom Parts

The first step to mass-producing CNC parts is developing a prototype to ensure your blueprints are accurate and the parts work correctly.

Owens Industries provides high-quality CNC prototyping services for the aerospace industrymedical industry, and all industries in between. We combine our 5 Axis machining, micromachining, and custom CNC milling capabilities with high-quality metals and materials to develop successful, customized component parts. 

If you need help deciding which material will work best for your prototype, we can help. Already know what material you need to use? Perfect. Send us the details of your project and we can send you a quote right away!


CNC Machined Parts We've Manufactured

Part Application Industry Machining Process Used Material Specific Feature
Actuator, Arm Night Vision Goggles Military EDM Wire 17-4PH Stainless Steel Cond A 20 Tooth Ratchet Profile
Adapter Plate Gear Timing Research and Development 3-Axis Milling 17-4 ph Stainless Steel 2.5 mm thick
Alignment Screw CT Scanner Medical-Health Swiss Screw Machine 718 Inconel Burr Free Part for Clean Room Use
Aperture Holder Block Fiber Optic Holder Block Laser Research 4-Axis Milling 6Al-4v Titanium (3) Mirror Finish Polished Pockets
Aperture Plate Laser Alignment Energy Fine Wire EDM Tungsten Nickel Alloy 250 Micron Thru Holes
Arc, Support CT Scanner Rail Medical 4-Axis Milling Project 70 Steel Drilling and Tapping Holes on the Face of a 48" Radius
Armature Assembly Pneumatic Valve Commercial Airlines Lathe, Mill w/ 4th axis Indexer 430 and 303 Stainless Steel Welded/Polished Assembly
Ball Joint Housing Transmission Control Oil & Gas Hard Milling AISI 8620 Carburized 58-62 HRc Hard Milling 0.375" Scallops
Ball Lock Transmission Control Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling AISI 4330 V Mod 115 Min KSI Yield Milling Eccentric Lobe
Barbed Tube Adapter Fiber Optics Alignment; Microscope assembly Mill/Turn 17-4 ph Cond H900 Drilling 0.025" Holes
Barrier CT Scanner Medical Conventional Turn and Mill 718 Inconel Used Ceramic Tooling for Turning
Battery Core Safety Equipment Aerospace Swiss Screw Machine 6061-T6 Aluminum Black Anodized Sleeve
Bearing Housing Shaft Coupling Device Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 13CR-L80 80 KSI MYS Intricate Internal Ports
Blade Holder Laser Eye Keratome Optical 4th Axis Milling Center Peek Precision Miniature Plastic Machining
Blade, Cutter Cutting Safety Cable Defense 5-Axis Milling 17-4Ph Hardened Keen Damage-Free Cutting Edge
Block, Cover Optics Retainer Mems Switch 3-Axis Machining 6Al-4v Titanium &0.001" Flatness over Length of Part
Body, Column, Housing Optics Research Precision Turn and 5-Axis Milling AISI 304 Stainless Steel 2 Micron Tolerance Over 10.0" Length
Bottom Clamp Microwave Reader Research and Development Wire EDM Glidcop AL-15 000-120 Threaded Holes
Cathode Cup Beam Director Laser Research 4-Axis Milling Nickel 270 Machined 8 Micro Finish
Chamber Pneumatic Drill Core Dental Drill Assembly Eccentric Turning 17-4 ph Cond H900 Honing ID to 8 Micro Finish
Check Valve Brake Fluid Flow Control Aerospace Precision Turning 18-8 Stainless Steel Cond B 32 Microfinish on all Surfaces
Communication Component Pressure Regulation Oil & Gas Precision Turning Inconel 625 113 Min KSI Yield Acquiring Polished Finish with Turn
Control Race Internal Drive Component Oil & Gas Turning and OD Grinding M50 Vim-Var IAW AMS 6491 Grind OD Ball Screw and Broach Internal Spline
Control Sleeve Shaft Control Sleeve Oil & Gas Hard Milling AISI E4340 H Steel Milling of Internal Ball Screw
Control Valve Housing Aircraft Brake Aerospace 4-Axis Milling 2024-T351 Aluminum MIL-Spec Ports and Internal Features
Cooling Tube Natural Gas Meter Energy Industry CNC Turning OFE C10100 H04 Hard Copper Mirror Finish- Polish critical
Cutter Parachute Wire Cutter Military 3-Axis Milling Hardened O1 Tool Steel Maintaining 0.010" Cutting Edge in V-Groove
Cylinder Assembly Flow Channel for Booster Rocket Satellite Component Turning with Ceramic Inserts A286 Alloy Deep Drilling Through Interrupted Surfaces
Cylinder Block Gas Flow Manifold Natural Gas Industry 5-Axis Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Machine 12 Micro Finish Surfaces for Press Fit Bushings
Dispensing Valve Silver Spray Nozzle Automotive 4-Axis Machining 440C Stainless Steel Micro Drilling Spray Nozzle Tip
DM Cover Satellite Component Space Research Mill/Turn 6061-T651 Aluminum Turn, Mill, and Drill Flanged Cover
Door Stop Hatch Stop Aircraft OEM 4-Axis Milling 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium Fine Milling Profiles to Accept Plating and Paint
Drilled Gutter Block Ink Suction Block Industrial Printing 4-Axis Milling AISI 316 Stainless Steel Drilling 8 Burr Free Connected Holes
Drive Rod Ink Jet Piston Industrial Printing Swiss Turning AISI 316 Stainless Steel Burr Free Rod with 0.0005" Straightness
Equalizing Flapper Valve Cover Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 718 Inconel NACE MR0175 120 KSI MYS Milled Saddle-Shaped Profile
Equalizing Plunger Pressure Valve Oil & Gas Precision Turning Stellite 6B 0.0004" OD Tolerance on Cobalt Alloy Part
Flapper Mount Valve Head Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling Inconel 925 105 Min KSI Yield Milling Saddle Profile
Flexure Electronic Control Research and Development Fine Wire EDM AISI 303 Stainless Steel EDM Wire 0.015" Wide Slot
Gas-Fluid Manifold Block Fluid Control Natural Gas Industry 4-Axis Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Drill and tap (8) NPT Threaded Holes
Gear Plate Laser Eye Keratome Medical 4-Axis Milling 17-4 Ph Cond H900 Mill to Accept Miniature Gears
Grid Clamp Satellite Component Space Research CNC Turn AISI 304 Stainless Steel Turn 0.044" Thick Ring
Gun body Inkjet Printer Head Industrial Printing 4-Axis Milling AISI 316 Stainless Steel Machining and Welding of A Sealed Manifold
Hemisphere Ink Jet Nozzle Industrial Printing Precision Fine Turn Work AISI 316 Stainless Steel Polished 8 Micro Finish on 0.120" Diameter
Hex Stop Shaft Control Component Oil & Gas EDM Wire 4330 V MOD Steel Matched Sets of Hexagon Rings
Hinge, Convergent Flap Flap Control Aerospace 3-Axis Milling Inconel 718 Deep Groove Milling
Hoop Constraint Shaft Control Cap Oil & Gas Precision Turning 4330 V Mod Steel 40-44 HRc Holding 0.0002" Tolerance for Nickel Plating
Housing, Aileron Flap Control Aerospace 5-Axis Milling 15-5PH  Cond H1025 Machining Finned Housing from Solid Billet Stock
Impeller Fluid Flow Medical 5-Axis Milling PEEK Burr-Free Micro Milling
Impeller, Polished Experimental Heart Pump Medical Research 5-Axis Milling 6Al-4v Titanium Burr Free Polished Impeller Surface
Inlet Cover Pressure Flow Cover Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 13CR-L80 80 KISI MYS Milled Cage Features
Inner Diaphragm Hydraulic Flow Energy Research EDM Wire 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium 4" Diameter Cylinder with 0.008" Thick Wall
Inner Race Replaceable Bearing Track Oil & Gas Hard Diamond Turning M50 Vim-Var IAW AMS 6491 8 Micro Finish on Race Profile
Insert Ball Bearing Flow Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 17-4 PH Stainless Cond H950 (6) S-Shaped Pockets on Internal Profile
Insulator, Conductivity Element Isolator Medical Research Mill/Turn Kel-F PCTFE Plastic Turn Tapered ID Profiles
Joint Seal Turbine Insert Energy Conventional Milling Hastelloy X Milling thin dog bone profile over 4"-8" length
Lens Cell Flow Viewing Port Natural Gas Industry Mill/Turn 6061-T6 Aluminum Turn 2.075-32 ID Thread
Load Sleeve Cable Clamp Defense 5 Axis Profile Milling Custom 455 Cond H1000 Saddle Shaped Internal Profile
Machined Reflector Wing Lights Aerospace 5 Axis Profile Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Milling and Polishing 16 Reflective Pockets
Micro-Tip Instrument Cap Medical Micro Turning AISI 316 Stainless Steel Micro Wire EDM
Mirror Assembly Gas Meter Energy Turning and Polishing OFHC Copper High Polish 4 Micro Finish
Mixer Head Insert Spray Nozzle Automotive 5-axis milling AISI 316 Stainless Steel Required to mill axial slots at acute angles
Nozzle Adjustment Plate Directional Adjustments Industrial Printing 3-Axis Machining AISI 316 Stainless Steel Machine Part Around .0787" Pivot Point
Nozzle Housing Circuit Board Manufacturing Electronics Turning and EDM AISI 316 Stainless Steel EDM Wire 3 Degree Taper Cone with 8 Micro Finish
Nozzle, Dispensing Drug Dispensing Nozzle Medicine Production Hard Turning 17-4 PH Cond H900 EDM Wire 2mm Thru-Hole over 8 " Length
Nut, Inner Race Shaft Control Oil & Gas EDM Sinker M50 Vim-Var IAW AMS 6491 Sink Internal Ball Screw Thread
Objective Head Catheter Head Medical EDM Sinker 17-4PH Steel EDM Sink with Miniature Copper Electrodes
Octopole Housing Beam Orientation Research and Development Turning, Milling and Welding AISI 304 Stainless Steel Assembly Alignment of 5 Microns or Less
Optics Block Laser Alignment Tool Research and Development 5-Axis Machining 6061-T6 Aluminum Hole Alignment Tolerance 0.001mm
Outlet Adapter Fluid Flow Hydraulics 3-Axis milling AISI 316 Stainless Steel Machining Varied SAE Ports
Paddle Actuator Arm Military 4-Axis Machining 6061-T6511 Aluminum Milling 0.020" Thick Webs with 0.002" Flatness
Pawl Carriage Lock Defense 4-Axis Milling SAE 8620 Alloy Steel Milling Convoluted Profile
Pawl, Leg Lock Antenna Base Military Conventional Milling 17-4 Ph Cond H900 Milling Fine Pitched Gripper Teeth
Pilot End Cap Fluid Flow Engine Manufacturing Multi-Axis Mill/Turn 1117 CRS Milling Radial Ports
Piston Engine Valve Aerospace Conventional CNC Turning 7075-T651 Aluminum Maintaining Class 1 Diameter Fit Tolerance
Pivot Ball Military Aircraft Defense Turning and Spot Welding 316 Stainless Steel Welding Carbide Ball to Stainless Steel Stem
Plenum Base Fuel Flow Military Wire EDM 6LA-4v Titanium per AMS 4928 Machine 0.010" Thick Tube Wall
Prism Base Laser Focal Component Energy Research 5-Axis Milling Haynes 230 Drill and Tap 000-120 Threaded Holes
Pump Head Ink Manifold Printing Industry 4-Axis Milling Virgin PTFE Machining Burr Free Intersecting Ports
Radial Bearing Housing Shaft Control Unit Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 17-4 ph Cond H950 Deep Feature 5-Axis Milling
Read Head Signal Encoder Military 5-Axis Milling and Grinding 416 Stainless Steel Cond A Precision Grinding of Flat Surfaces
Release Clip Weapon System Pivot Assembly Military 3-Axis Gang Milling 17-4 ph Casting Production Run Milling
Rotor Blood Gas Analyzer Medical 4-Axis Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum 0.010" Thick Cell Walls
Rotor Housing Blood Gas Analyzer Medical 4-Axis Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Micro Milling of Housing to Accept Electronics
Shell Receptacle, 100 Pin Connector High Temp Military 3-Axis Milling Kovar IAW AMS -I-25011 Class 1 (100) 0.0445" Diameter Thru Holes
Soft Seat Well Head Seal Oil & Gas 5-axis milling 30% Carbon Filled Teflon Saddle shaped stepped profile seal ring
Soft Seat Retaining Ring Well Head Seal Retainer Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling 13CR-L80 Milling Saddle Profile
Solenoid Valve Seat Hydraulic Piston Seat Mining Hard Turning 431Stainless Steel per BS970 Ballize Seal Seat to 0.078" Profile
Spiral Groove Bearing Transmission Research and Development 5-Axis Milling 660 Bronze Mill Radial 0.010" Deep Chevrons on Part OD
Spray Nozzle Urethane Application Automotive EDM Wire AISI 316 Stainless Steel Locating Spray Slot within 0.0005"
Spreader Tweaker Pick and Place Device Circuit Board Manufacturing Wire EDM M2 Tool Steel Fine Wire EDM Cut
Static Dog Lock Transmission Control Oil & Gas Diamond Turning Lescalloy M50 VIM-VAR Gear Cutting
Stator Blood Gas Analyzer Medical 3-Axis milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Circle Interpolate Boss with 0.0005" Tolerance
Support Assembly Aerospace Aircraft OEM 5-Axis Milling 5052-0 and 5052-F Aluminum Aluminum Tube with Formed Welded Bracket
Swivel Bracket Aerospace Aircraft OEM 4-Axis Milling 2024-T351 Aluminum 3 Piece Assembly
Thruster Body Satellite Propulsion Satellite Component Precision EDM 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium EDM Nozzle Micro Taper Vectored Thru-Hole
Torsion Spring Pin Retainer Retention Cap Oil & Gas EDM Wire 13CR-L80 NACE MR0175 EDM Wire Curved Profile
Transducer Ring Magnetic Control Ring Spindle Control Manufacturing Precision Turning C250 Maraging Steel Turn ID Taper within 0.0002"
Twin Screw Rotor Blending Food Processing Twin Spindle Turning/Milling AISI 316/316L Programmed simultaneous 5 Axis Mill/Turn
Valve Housing Titan Rocket Rocket Engine Component 5-Axis Machining 6061-T6 Aluminum 5-Axis Milling of Cylindrical Elbow Housing
Valve Seat Air Flow Regulator Aerospace Mill/Turn 347 Stainless Steel Diameters held within 0.0005" Concentricities
Vice Jaw Key Grinder Commercial Key grinding 4-Axis Milling 1045 Steel Milling and Slotting


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