Is Inconel the Right Material for Your Component?

The Best CNC Machined Components Made by Owens Industries.Inconel Machined Components

Inconel is an alloy containing oxidation-corrosion-resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments. It's often used in gas turbine blades, seals, combustors, rotors, and other motor shafts. It's often used in machining parts for a wide range of applications including in the aerospace, aircraft, military, and oil & gas industries.

High-quality components machined with Inconel include:

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More Components we Manufacture with Inconel

Part Application Industry Machining Process Used Specific Feature
Barrier CT Scanner Medical Conventional Turn and Mill Used Ceramic Tooling for Turning
Alignment Screw CT Scanner Medical-Health Swiss Screw Machine Burr Free Part for Clean Room Use
Equalizing Flapper Valve Cover Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling Milled Saddle-Shaped Profile
Communication Component Pressure Regulation Oil & Gas Precision Turning Acquiring Polished Finish with Turn
Hinge, Convergent Flap Flap Control Aerospace 3-Axis Milling Deep Groove Milling
Flapper Mount Valve Head Oil & Gas 5-Axis Milling Milling Saddle Profile


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