Machine Shop for the Aerospace Industry

Machine Shop for the Aerospace Industry

Precision Aerospace CNC Machining: 5-axis & micromachining

Aerospace Components Manufactured with Superior Machining Processes and Incredible Accuracy

Precision is of the utmost importance in the Aerospace industry. A single imperfection or faulty component can cause thousands of dollars in damage when it comes to rockets, satellites, space crafts and space stations, in addition to being a huge safety risk. Owens Industries is dedicated to producing precision aerospace components machined to the highest accuracy for their specific application.

As an approved supplier of air and spacecraft parts for NASA, Boeing, Intel, Lockheed Martin, and many others, you can trust Owens to successfully machine your precision parts. 

What is Aerospace CNC Machining?

Aerospace CNC machining is the creation of parts used in assembling and maintaining rockets, satellites, aircraft and space shuttles. CNC-machined components, kits and assemblies are often necessary for aircraft in the aerospace industry. Whether you need hinges, bushings, manifolds, clamps or other custom manufactured parts, aerospace equipment and aircraft parts need the best components made with the highest quality metals in order to function properly. Titanium and Kovar are most often used for aerospace components, but others include Stainless Steel, Inconel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Ceramic, Copper, and other certain types of plastic.

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Our engineers meet and exceed industry standards, continually revolutionizing the machining process. Whether your aerospace parts require 5-axis CNC machining, fine wire EDM or Plunge/Sink EDM with exacting tolerances, Owens’ machinists have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to deliver the complex components you need with the highest precision possible. When normal CNC Machine Shops consider your aerospace precision machining needs impossible to achieve, Owens Industries wants your call. Our friendly staff works with you to get every detail exactly right, producing quality products that fit your specifications and needs. Leaders in the CNC industry, we deliver incredible services that achieve incredible results. We have the best CNC machining equipment along with decades of experience helping us accept and meet challenges other machining companies are not capable of accomplishing.

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NASA & GM Partners with Owens for Aerospace CNC Machining Services

The Robonaut, a robot arm designed in partnership by NASA and GM, required a bicep assembly part. This was a unique request since this robot arm would have to be fully functional while working on the moon. Several unique environmental factors had to be considered.

There was no room for errors in this part’s machining – this robot arm would have to fit perfectly with other parts once assembled, offering the mobility required for its specific uses, construction, and exploratory tasks that are deemed unsafe and/or unrealistic for humans. The skilled Owens machinists were able to successfully design and create a fully functional bicep assembly part to the exact NASA required specifications. NASA was so pleased with our work, they commissioned two more bicep assemblies.

Precision Machined Aerospace Robot Bicep Component

Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Process

Our CNC engineers have extensive experience with component casings intended for use with fuel systems, turbo thrusters, Doppler radar, and satellites. Designing a computer chassis house made to withstand spaceflight is only one example of the precision aerospace components machined by our industry-leading experts. We also excel at machining connectors for blades and turbines, flexors and fluid controls for aerospace applications. One thing all of these components have in common is high-quality materials. For all aerospace machined components, Owens industries only trusts the best materials which is why we utilize the following materials for producing industry-leading aerospace parts. 

 Alloy Steel

An iron and carbon composition with other elements intentionally added, including manganese, chromium, vanadium, nickel, or tungsten. Alloy steels are typically divided into two categories: high alloy and low alloy.


A high-quality silver metal that’s soft, lightweight, and durable. Aluminum is commonly used for 5-axis CNC machining in military and aerospace applications.


An alloy comprised of copper and tin, it offers a wide range of properties such as high ductility, hardness, thermal conductivity, strength, and workability. Bronze is often used to manufacture nuts, bolts, threaded parts, bearings, bushings, screws, and more.


An alloy comprised of copper and tin, it offers a wide range of properties such as high ductility, hardness, thermal conductivity, strength, and workability. Bronze is often used to manufacture nuts, bolts, threaded parts, bearings, bushings, screws, and more.

  Carbon Steel

A metal alloy of carbon and steel, but could also contain nickel, copper, or manganese. Carbon steel is commonly used for axles, gears, shafts, rails, pipelines, couplings, and more.


A common metal used in manufacturing electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. Copper requires specialized processes for manufacturing, meaning copper alloys are more common in machining components.

  Hardened Steel

Medium or high carbon steel that has been given heat treatment to temper it, or increases the toughness of the steel. How hard the steel becomes depends on the amount of carbon present in the metal, and it’s typically used to make power shovels, nozzles, surgical instruments, and other manufactured parts.


A strong nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy is resistant to corrosion. Hastelloy steel is often used to manufacture contour rings, rings, hubs, flanges, shafts and other manufactured products.

With industry-leading capabilities in precision CNC milling, micromachining, EDM, Lathe work and more, you can rely on Owens Industries when small parts are critical to getting big aerospace projects off the ground. No matter how intricate the component we have the state of the art machines to handle the task.

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Owens Industries is an approved supplier for the following aircraft and aerospace companies:

CNC Machining for the Aerospace Industry

The CNC experts at Owens Industries manufacture parts used in aerospace applications. We understand these components need to be made with the most precise accuracy and the highest quality materials. We excel in crafting precision components for a diverse range of aerospace applications, including rockets, satellites, fuel systems, and components, as well as turbo thrusters, leveraging the state-of-the-art CNC machines in our Wisconsin facility. The advanced technology needed to manufacture OEM aerospace parts requires the tightest tolerances and best precision machines, and Owens Industries is the best machine shop for the job.

Our machines have a wide range of capabilities that allow our CNC experts to manufacture the most precise parts at the lowest possible cost. From wire and sinker EDM to precision micromachining, the professionals at Owens Industries can produce the most technologically advanced aerospace components with our CNC machining lathes.

Spacecraft Parts We Make

Some of the components we can manufacture for the aerospace industry include:

  • Aerospace couplers
  • Flanges
  • Retainer rings
  • Aircraft seat frames
  • Guidance fins
  • And much more

Get the best CNC components from the professionals at Owens Industries. Learn more about the professional CNC machining services we offer at our Wisconsin facility.

Precision Machine Shop Produces OEM Parts for Astronautic Engineering Firms

Precision Aerospace Component ManufacturersAs the aerospace industry extends its reach - with aeronautical engineers building commercial, military and private aircrafts capable of flying ever higher and faster - and astronautic engineers requiring even more exacting precision for spacecraft and satellite components, the need for precision machined parts is on the rise. Component manufacturers of these types depend on OEM parts with the tightest tolerances to fit in with complex subsystems of satellite platforms, spacecraft structural components, or propulsion systems.

Since 1944 Owens Industries has been advancing along with the evolving aerospace tech. Our temperature and contaminant-controlled CNC facility give us the ability to produce high-end OEM components for the most complex applications. The aerospace industry is always advancing and our team is dedicated to advancing with it. No matter the task at hand our creative professionals can handle it.

Out of this World Accuracy: 5-Axis and Wire EDM Machined Aerospace Parts

Exploration of an ever-expanding universe requires some pretty big ideas, but the secret to success often lies in precise measurements. Back on Earth, Owens’ stands out as the leader in precision CNC milling and micromachining capable of micron positional accuracies. Whether you need a valve housing for a complex hydrogen propulsion system, a meticulously crafted microwave housing component or a titanium spline for an airflow meter or fuel system, Owens Industries is unrivaled in its machining capabilities.

Our 5-Axis cutting systems and wire EDM processes give us the ability to cut up to accuracies of .05µm, with .0015 corner radii.

Aerospace CNC Machining ServicesCNC Shop for U.S. Aerospace Companies

Aerospace firms like SSL, Boeing, Airbus, Raytheon, General Dynamics or Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. require the highest quality machined parts, and few precision machine shops can rival the capability, technology, and talent offered by Owens’ team of expert engineers and CNC machinists.

The advanced designs of Atlas and Ariane Rockets, the Dream Chaser Cargo System, AsiaSat 8 geostationary communications satellite, or the Space X Dragon require advanced parts that often seem nearly impossible to produce. Just as those astronautic designs pushed the boundaries of what is achievable, Owens’ industries push the limits of our machines and engineers to achieve the unthinkable on earth so aerospace companies can reach the unimaginable in space.

Contact the precision Aerospace component engineers at Owens for OEM parts for astronautic and aeronautic subsystems.

Components We Build for the Aerospace Industry

Part Application Machining Process Used Material Specific Feature
Valve Seat Air Flow Regulator Mill/Turn 347 Stainless Steel Diameters held within 0.0005" Concentricities
Control Valve Housing Aircraft Brake 4-Axis Milling 2024-T351 Aluminum MIL-Spec Ports and Internal Features
Check Valve Brake Fluid Flow Control Precision Turning 18-8 Stainless Steel Cond B 32 Microfinish on all Surfaces
Piston Engine Valve Conventional CNC Turning 7075-T651 Aluminum Maintaining Class 1 Diameter Fit Tolerance
Hinge, Convergent Flap Flap Control 3-Axis Milling Inconel 718 Deep Groove Milling
Housing, Aileron Flap Control 5-Axis Milling 15-5PH  Cond H1025 Machining Finned Housing from Solid Billet Stock
Battery Core Safety Equipment Swiss Screw Machine 6061-T6 Aluminum Black Anodized Sleeve
Machined Reflector Wing Lights 5 Axis Profile Milling 6061-T6 Aluminum Milling and Polishing 16 Reflective Pockets
Cylinder Assembly Flow Channel for Booster Rocket Turning with Ceramic Inserts A286 Alloy Deep Drilling Through Interrupted Surfaces
Thruster Body Satellite Propulsion Precision EDM 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium EDM Nozzle Micro Taper Vectored Thru-Hole
DM Cover Satellite Component Mill/Turn 6061-T651 Aluminum Turn, Mill, and Drill Flanged Cover
Grid Clamp Satellite Component CNC Turn AISI 304 Stainless Steel Turn 0.044" Thick Ring
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