CNC Machined Robot Parts for the Aerospace Industry

This is a second bicep assembly for the robotic arm of the Robonaut, a Nasa and GM developed attachment for an ATV. If the landing station on the moon had been built to completion, this aerospace component would be a reliable tool used in space. This was a unique request since this robot arm would have to be fully functional while working on the moon. Several unique environmental factors had to be considered when manufacturing it.

The skilled machinists at Owens Industries were able to successfully design and create a fully functional bicep assembly part to the exact NASA required specifications. NASA was so pleased with our work, they commissioned us to manufacture two more bicep assemblies. Check out the Robonaut in action here

With industry-leading capabilities in precision CNC milling, micromachining, EDM, Lathe work, and more, you can rely on Owens Industries when small parts are critical to getting big Aerospace projects off the ground. No matter how intricate the component we have the state of the art machines to handle the task.

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