Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC Machining

CNC (computer numerical control) is the automated control of machining tools by a computer. Common CNC tools used for precision machining include drills, lathes, mills, grinders, routers, and 3D printers. A CNC machine follows coded programmed instructions to process a piece of material. Precision CNC machining processes a variety of materials including metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite.

Owens Industries provides high-quality, ultra precision, CNC machined components for all industries. When the aerospace or medical industries need complex components with no room for the slightest errors we offer parts that meet the highest degree of accuracy. We only work with durable materials like aluminum, bronze, steel and titanium that will fit into existing systems.

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Precision machining services achieving angular tolerances of two-thousands of a degree.

What Is Precision CNC Machining?

CNC precision machining is the process of cutting various materials to exact specifications. In precision CNC machining, the machine operator uses CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software. The software produces a file read by the CNC machine that defines physical boundaries and translates those dimensions into manufacturing commands. Those manufacturing commands tell the machine how to shape, form, and create a component or part out of a block of material.

The process produces components with tight tolerances that can't be completed through other CNC machining processes. Taking a larger piece of material, typically metal, a precision CNC machine gradually removes excess material and shapes the part to the specified dimensions. This process can be used to create parts of varying shapes and sizes to meet requirements for any existing systems in any industry. Owens Industries can produce components and parts at micro tolerances.

Benefits and Advantages of High Precision Machining

Precision machining provides many benefits and advantages that other CNC machining processes can't achieve. High precision machining can reduce the cost of production, increase the speed of production, and allows for rapid and cost-effective prototyping. Most CNC machinery can be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Owen's Industries precision machining equipment is fully operated by computer programs. This reduces the need for human interaction and allows programs to be reused to create multiple high-precision parts that are exactly the same. The advantage of this is eliminating the potential for human error during machining. The greatest benefit of high-precision CNC machining is that the machines can deliver greater accuracy without any flaws because the software and code governs the process end-to-end.

Precision CNC machining can also be performed at high speeds allowing for a quicker turnaround when producing multiple parts that human-operated machines cant compete with or duplicate. These benefits also reduce production costs. With less need for human interaction, minimal errors and reduced material waste, precision machining can save manufacturers and customers money.

Precision CNC for Industrial Use

Owens Industries works with and serves multiple industries to provide high-precision CNC parts and components. In many industries, precision can be the difference between success and failure or even life or death. Companies in these sectors require and demand parts with the highest accuracy possible. Sometimes the demands require micro tolerances. We serve a variety of industries including aircrafts, military satellites, aerospace, medical, optical, tool and die, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, oil and gas, and more.

Machinery For Ultra Precision CNC Applications

There are different types of of precision CNC machining equipment. Each machine can cut various shapes and designs with a large range of materials. The machinery can include milling, drilling, laser cutting, EDM cutting, lathes, and more. Sometimes a part may only require one machine and sometimes the part may need to be produced using more than one piece of equipment.

Deciding which machine to use will depend on the type of material and the tolerances required for the parts or components. Many of our machines have advanced capabilities such as rotating carousels that can carry up to 30 tools that are automatically swapped out during the milling and machining processes.

Not every CNC shop has the same equipment or expertise. When choosing a CNC shop to produce the items you need it you should examine what machinery and equipment they have experience with. Owen's Industries has experienced machinists that have produced some of the most intricate and complex parts imaginable because we have some of the most advanced machines and equipment in the industry.

We have decades of experience with some of the most advanced high-precision CNC machinery available. Owens Industries specializes in:

  • Micromachining
  • 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis
  • Sinker EDM
  • Wire EDM
  • Lathe/Turning
  • Deburring

Precision machining removes extra material to create a high tolerance product, often with complex geometric cuts, using computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools. Precision machining is often used to create objects with many small parts. A wide variety of materials can be used for precision machining, including brass, bronze, glass, graphite, plastic, steel, titanium and more.
Precision machining is used to create products to very exact specifications, while CNC machining is a more general term used to describe any machining done or products made by CNC (computer numerical control) machines. Precision machining is a type of CNC machining used for situations where having specifications be slightly off can be a matter of life or death, such as creating products for the aerospace or medical industries.
Industries that use precision machining include aerospace, medical, alternative energy, construction, agriculture, mining, automotive, oil & gas, recreational and more. Due to its versatility and high quality, precision machining is used in any industry where parts need to be produced to exact specifications.
Using precision machining ensures the manufacturing process is not affected by human error. Other advantages include optimal efficiency, increased speed, a lower risk factor for employees, less waste and lower production costs. Precision machining is also a great career that will attract professionals with a high level of expertise.
CNC can provide a high degree of precision and part complexity. Tolerances typically range from 0.0002" to 0.0005" depending on the type of CNC machine and cutting head.

Precision Medical Machining

Precision is of the utmost importance when manufacturing medical devices, implants and surgical components. There is no room for error when your products are used toPrecision CNC machined components for the medical industry improve or save a life. Owens Industries’ 5-axis, sinker EDM, wire EDM and lathe centers, paired with an environment-controlled facility, create the most ideal precision machining process possible. Micron tolerances, intricate details, small-batch machining, etc. – no matter how simple or complex the project demands, our CNC programmers and engineers will meet or exceed your expectations. Quality control is at the core of our machining processes, and all parts are put through highly accurate precision tests before being delivered back to our clients. Owens Industries is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Precision Contract Manufacturing for Surgical Instruments, Implantable Devices & All Complex Medical Components in Between

Owens Industries is a smart, reliable choice for OEMs in the medical market. If you have complex components with micron tolerances or other difficult to near impossible machining demands, Owens is the answer. Our precision CNC capabilities set us apart from other medical machining services, allowing us to machine medical-grade materials like titanium and stainless steel with peak efficiency and accuracy. We are trustworthy partners in contract manufacturing of surgical instrumentation, medical equipment (CT scanner and OR table parts); and cardiovascular, endovascular and orthopedic implants. Engineers and manufacturers of metal products for health care, dentistry, optometry and veterinarian services will find exactly what they’re looking for at Owens Industries. Precision medical machining is our specialty, and we have a long history and strong reputation for spearheading the CNC of innovative technology.

Components we've built using Precision Machining

Part Application Industry Material Specific Feature
Thruster Body Satellite Propulsion Satellite Component 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium EDM Nozzle Micro Taper Vectored Thru-Hole
Hemisphere Ink Jet Nozzle Industrial Printing AISI 316 Stainless Steel Polished 8 Micro Finish on 0.120" Diameter
Body, Column, Housing Optics Research AISI 304 Stainless Steel 2 Micron Tolerance Over 10.0" Length
Check Valve Brake Fluid Flow Control Aerospace 18-8 Stainless Steel Cond B 32 Microfinish on all Surfaces
Communication Component Pressure Regulation Oil & Gas Inconel 625 113 Min KSI Yield Acquiring Polished Finish with Turn
Equalizing Plunger Pressure Valve Oil & Gas Stellite 6B 0.0004" OD Tolerance on Cobalt Alloy Part
Hoop Constraint Shaft Control Cap Oil & Gas 4330 V Mod Steel 40-44 HRc Holding 0.0002" Tolerance for Nickel Plating
Transducer Ring Magnetic Control Ring Spindle Control Manufacturing C250 Maraging Steel Turn ID Taper within 0.0002"

Precision Machining Company: CNC Machinist Opportunities

Based out of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Owens Industries is the best ultra-precision machining company for any CNC machinist, programmer or operator to work with. If you are an experienced and talented individual who knows his or her way around a CNC machine shop, this may be the job opportunity you’ve been waiting for. With positions for workers who understand the complicated operations of precision CNC machines and the various industries we serve, we hire employees who go on to work alongside the most knowledgeable CNC machinists and programmers in the nation. We are primarily looking for individuals who have experience with:

Programming Softwares

  • PowerMILL
  • Delcam
  • Esprit
  • Featurecam
  • Mastercam
  • Surfcam

Machine Control Systems

  • Heidenhein
  • Fanuc
  • Okuma
  • Agietron

Whether you are looking for a CNC turning, 5-axis machinist or milling operator job, give us a call! We look forward to meeting qualified candidates who would add value to our services and the ultra-precision machining we provide for our customers around the world.

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