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CNC Machining FacilityTemperature Controlled Facility for Machining Complex Components with Ultra-Precision Requirements

Located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Owens Industries has a facility specially designed and constructed for ultra-high-end machining processes with special temperature and dust control systems, ensuring the exact machining specifications of your components can be achieved. Our Wire EDM department has a positive pressure airflow system to maintain a room temperature within +/- 0.5 degrees during critical machining processes. Dust and particulates are also controlled using special Electrostatic & Ion Filtration systems. Our facility is immaculately maintained to facilitate the skillful work of our employees.


See Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Certificate


The Perfect Formula for CNC Machining Success

Take a controlled machining environment, pair it with highly capable staff and industry-leading equipment, and the result is a CNC machine shop with unbeatable capabilities in our field of service. Beyond Owens Industries facility's controlled environment, we have a highly skilled team of people and industry-leading machines giving us, and your company, an upper hand in the production of all components. Our machinists are teamed up with the best German and Swiss companies to develop specially calibrated 5-Axis Machining Centers and 5-Axis Wire EDM for your unique needs. Our engineers have worked with a Swiss EDM manufacturer and a Japanese support systems manufacturer, to integrate a specially developed 5-axis system capable of achieving unparalleled accuracies - precision calibrated and aligned to achieve absolute perfection. Aside from collaborative work with our employees, our equipment contributes to our success.

Our equipment includes:

Our CNC machinists, programmers and staff strive for the nth degree of absolute perfection, with attention to detail bordering on obsessive. Some even go to the extent of considering the effects of the lunar cycle and the resulting/possible changes in the electromagnetic envelope. This dedication, paired with our CNC machines and temperature-controlled facility allows Owens to make the impossible, possible. Count on Owens for all of your CNC machining needs and we will exceed your expectations when creating your complex components to their exact specifications. We even hold a current ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Certificate.

Contact our CNC machinists to learn more about our facility or to discuss the manufacturability of your design.


Industries Served By Owens Include:


Now Hiring CNC Machinists and Programmers in Milwaukee, WI

If you’re looking for a CNC turning, 5-Axis Machining, or CNC Milling Operator job in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you may be joining Owens Industries before you know it.

If you have at least two years of experience in CNC mills, understand 5-Axis CNC machining centers or can program, set up and operate CNC lathes, there’s a career opportunity for you at Owens Industries. Not only will you have the potential to find success in an exciting job field, but you will have the opportunity to contribute to the medical, military and aerospace industries with the parts and components you’ll build with our CNC services.

Joining Owens Industries’ team of leading experts will mean so much more than just having a stable income. We have helped build parts for robots sent to space and components used in artificial hearts, meaning you have the possibility of having a hand in the further development of life-saving technologies and the further exploration of outer space.

Our employees lead fulfilling lives, both at home and at work partly because of the opportunities Owens Industries offers our staff with our CNC services. Interested in other parts we’ve manufactured in recent projects? Check out our CNC capabilities gallery to see the types of parts you could be producing while working with Owens Industries. If you meet our requirements, download and fill out our application to be considered.

Contact us today for a quote and to receive more information regarding our CNC Services for companies throughout the United States.

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