Aerospace Parts Machined with Precise Accuracy by Wisconsin Machine Shop

The above component was machined for the Aerospace industry. It is a bicep assembly for a NASA and GM developed robotic arm (Robonaut). This part was originally designed for attachment to an ATV, to be used in the landing station on the moon. This space station is no longer being built. To learn more about the Robonaut and possible advancements in the future with Robonaut 2 check out NASA's page

Though the space station this aerospace component was designed for is no longer being built, the precision at which it was machined is undeniable. An essential piece of a robotic arm, each component had to fit together perfectly to accomplish flawless operation. Our vice president and CNC machinists worked closely with Nasa and GM, like we do with all of our customers, to develop a custom component matching their exact specifications. Industry leading CNC machinery, including 5 Axis, EDM, and Precision Lathe/Turning centers, paired with knowledgeable, highly experienced machinists allowed us to accomplish the tight tolerances this robotic bicep required, making it reliable enough to perform in space. Our ability to handle custom CNC machining and manufacturing has made Owens Industry a global leader in ultra-precision work.

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