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Sinker and Wire EDM: Two Different Spark Erosion TechniquesRam Sinker EDM Services

Owens Industries is a leader in electrical discharge machining (EDM). Whether you know which type of EDM technique is perfect for your metal parts or don’t yet know EDM is the CNC process capable of reducing manufacturing costs and improving part precision, Owens can guide you in the right direction. Cutting titanium, kovar or hastelloy, we offer services performed on state-of-the-art EDM machines specifically suited for your industrial needs. EDM machines are perfect for mechanical functions such as:

With EDM machines, you’ll experience the benefits of designing and cutting complex shapes and tapered holes with hard metals. You’re able to work completely free of any worries regarding your machine's ability to cut exactly what you want. Whether you go with Ram or Wire EDM entirely depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. 

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Sinker EDM: Designed for Extreme Reliability and Precision

With a history in space travel, Sinker EDM’s revolutionary construction has opened countless doors for continued exploration of our universe. Sinker EDM machines have created products for satellites, rocket engines and other space crafts sending America into new wonders and technological advancements. Most commonly referred to as Sinker EDM, these products have a long list of alternate names, including:

Sinker EDM machines use an electrode and workpiece submerged in liquids such as oil or dielectric water. A power supply is connected to the electrode and generates electrical potential between both of the parts, producing a breakdown to form a plasma channel and spark jumps. The sparks initiated by the power supply often times strike one after another.

As the sparks continue to form, the base metal begins to erode and the electrode is lowered, causing the “ramming” or “sinking” effect of this EDM machine. When the process is complete and every part has been removed, the base metal has been eroded in a very specific shape or design – similar to an engraving. EDM machines allow for quicker manipulations of hard metals giving companies the best efficiency available today for industrial productions.

Wire EDM: A Better Option for Safety and Precision

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)Wire electrical discharge machining uses a single string of thin metal wire to cut thick metals for precise incisions and splits unachievable with standard CNC machines. Similar to Ram EDM, Wire EDM uses an electrode and spark to cut metal. Using a spark erosion technique, Wire EDM machining submerges the part being cut in deionized water and the wire acts as the electrode, creating a spark that roughs or skims the part into the desired shape without the wire ever coming in contact with the part. Automatic wire feed ensures the wire is never worn and cutting is consistent, resulting in repeatable accuracy.

During the cutting process, water flushes debris away to help the operator of the machine determine the ideal maximum feed rate for any material. The saw-like cutting of the materials with the Wire EDM is one of the most popular ways for industrial companies and artists to get the delicate and specific cuts or imprints they need during their productions. Owens Industries is an expert in Wire EDM Machining, providing unparalleled services for industries in the U.S.

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