5-Axis Machined Components

5-Axis Machining Services Set Owens Apart from the Competition

Owens Industries has consistently delivered remarkable results using their 5-axis machining services. If you are seeking impeller or turbine work, you know the complexity of this component’s contours. We seek these challenges, knowing our equipment and 5-axis machine operators have the skills to make impellers with the highest accuracy and precision, no matter the size demands.

Prescription Glasses Moldings

Owens has also created inserts that are used for eyeglass molding – not the frame but the actual mold for the prescription glasses. Though this may sound simple, it is anything but. Visualize the complex curvatures of a bi-focal lens. Now make it a progressive bi-focal; add astigmatism and off-center axes. Many CNC machine shops are not capable of producing the surface tolerance and integrity achieved with the same precision as Owens’ 5-axis machinists. This is just one example of how our team's mathematical skills benefit customers.

Precision Collimators

Another example showcasing our incredible dedication to precision is the production of collimators. Collimators demand ultra-high precision and accuracy to create a high number of holes (depending on its size, a collimator can have 500-1000 holes), each next hole pointing at a different angle than the proceeding hole, with a positional accuracy to be within 5µ to 10µ and an angular accuracy to be within +/- 0.002°. Owens meets these challenges head-on, and successfully achieves the exact specifications these components require—accurately machining each hole so they meet at one focal point.

Ventricular Assist Devices

A third example is the main axial impeller used in the heart pump for VAD—Ventricular Assist Devices. When machining medical devices, precision and accuracy is of the utmost importance - Owens is dedicated to meeting these requirements, delivering precision machined components safe enough to implant within the human body.

Quote from the heart pump manufacturer/customer:

Your people have achieved, within 6 months, what others took 2 years to make, and your tolerances were better.

Our machinists perform ultra-precision 5 Axis Precision Machine work with 5 Micron Tolerance and .0005° angular accuracies.

An example of our 5 Axis Precision Machine Work: We produced keratomes for Lasik surgery. A Keratome is used to slice a 165 microns (.006496") thick slice off the cornea of the eye. This slice had to be +/- 5 micron accurate! We produced the entire cutting head system using our 5 Axis Ultra-Precision Machining Centers and our 5 Axis Wire EDM system.

Components we've built using 5-Axis Machining:

Part Application Industry Material Specific Feature
Machined Reflector Wing Lights Aerospace 6061-T6 Aluminum Milling and Polishing 16 Reflective Pockets
Load Sleeve Cable Clamp Defense Custom 455 Cond H1000 Saddle Shaped Internal Profile
Optics Block Laser Alignment Tool Research and Development 6061-T6 Aluminum Hole Alignment Tolerance 0.001mm
Valve Housing Titan Rocket Rocket Engine Component 6061-T6 Aluminum 5-Axis Milling of Cylindrical Elbow Housing
Housing, Aileron Flap Control Aerospace 15-5PH  Cond H1025 Machining Finned Housing from Solid Billet Stock
Support Assembly Aerospace Aircraft OEM 5052-0 and 5052-F Aluminum Aluminum Tube with Formed Welded Bracket
Mixer Head Insert Spray Nozzle Automotive AISI 316 Stainless Steel Required to mill axial slots at acute angles
Blade, Cutter Cutting Safety Cable Defense 17-4Ph Hardened Keen Damage-Free Cutting Edge
Prism Base Laser Focal Component Energy Research Haynes 230 Drill and Tap 000-120 Threaded Holes
Impeller Fluid Flow Medical PEEK Burr-Free Micro Milling
Impeller, Polished Experimental Heart Pump Medical Research 6Al-4v Titanium Burr Free Polished Impeller Surface
Cylinder Block Gas Flow Manifold Natural Gas Industry 6061-T6 Aluminum Machine 12 Micro Finish Surfaces for Press Fit Bushings
Insert Ball Bearing Flow Oil & Gas 17-4 PH Stainless Cond H950 (6) S-Shaped Pockets on Internal Profile
Inlet Cover Pressure Flow Cover Oil & Gas 13CR-L80 80 KISI MYS Milled Cage Features
Radial Bearing Housing Shaft Control Unit Oil & Gas 17-4 ph Cond H950 Deep Feature 5-Axis Milling
Bearing Housing Shaft Coupling Device Oil & Gas 13CR-L80 80 KSI MYS Intricate Internal Ports
Ball Lock Transmission Control Oil & Gas AISI 4330 V Mod 115 Min KSI Yield Milling Eccentric Lobe
Equalizing Flapper Valve Cover Oil & Gas 718 Inconel NACE MR0175 120 KSI MYS Milled Saddle-Shaped Profile
Flapper Mount Valve Head Oil & Gas Inconel 925 105 Min KSI Yield Milling Saddle Profile
Soft Seat Well Head Seal Oil & Gas 30% Carbon Filled Teflon Saddle shaped stepped profile seal ring
Soft Seat Retaining Ring Well Head Seal Retainer Oil & Gas 13CR-L80 Milling Saddle Profile
Spiral Groove Bearing Transmission Research and Development 660 Bronze Mill Radial 0.010" Deep Chevrons on Part OD
Read Head Signal Encoder Military 416 Stainless Steel Cond A Precision Grinding of Flat Surfaces
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