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Precision Contract Manufacturer for Medical, Surgical & Dental InstrumentsMedical Instrument Machining

Owens Industries makes a real and measurable difference in the manufacturing of medical instruments. No matter the size, application, or impossible demands of your products, our team and capabilities will meet both industry quality standards and your expectations.

There are hundreds upon thousands of metal instruments used in hospitals, surgical centers, veterinary clinics, and dental offices -- adapters, applicators, bone drills, cutters, clamps, screws, forceps, extractors, hooks, litigators, mallets, retraction tools, saws, spreaders, suction devices, and the list goes on. The high demand for healthcare has in turn grown an immense market for medical machining; with every medical related procedure and exam requiring reliable tools assuring sterilization, ease of use, and safety.

Owens Industries is a leader in medical machining; producing high precision parts for OEMs throughout the U.S. Specializing in 5 axis milling and wire EDM, at the very least your custom components will meet your exact specifications in the time promised. Often, products are machined with higher accuracy then achieved in their history, cutting costs on every production run.


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