Precision Machining for Oil and Gas Parts in Cypress

5 Axis Machining & Milling for Texas

Cypress Texas CNC machine shop: Oil and Gas IndustryPrecision machining using the advanced 5-axis capabilities from Ownes Industries is high-quality and truly impressive. Our highly experienced ultra-precision machinist are skilled engineers that can achieve an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree. We’ve designed and developed highly successful parts for many different industries, including businesses involved in the Oil & Gas industry

If other machine shops turned down your component, we will do it. We’re known for machining components that are “almost impossible to make”. If your Cypress area business is interested in developing highly successful components, contact Owens Industries today for a quote, or get started today. 


Oil Components Made from Micromachining for Cypress

The highly skilled machinists at Owens have many years of experience in machining all kinds of components for companies in the Oil & Gas industry. The oil and gas industry can be a complicated industry to manufacture components for to some machine shops. Not Owens. We’ve developed a wide variety of oil and gas components throughout the years that businesses still use! Some of the many parts we’ve manufactured include: 

Don’t wait any longer to improve your manufacturing process. Work with Owens Industries to get high-quality, precision Oil & Gas components that last.


CNC Materials for Oil & Gas Components

Choosing the appropriate materials for the development of your CNC machined part is extremely important, especially in the oil industry. Deciding on a material that’s long-lasting and built for your specified application is a must. Some of the many materials that Owens is highly experienced in using for Oil & Gas components include: Oil & Gas Industry in Texas: CNC Machining for Cypress

If your Cypress business is in need of CNC machined parts that require a specific material, we can do it. Let us know the details of your project and we can get it done, successfully. 


Contact Owens Industries today for a quote on any component for your Texas business.
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