Micromachining Components for Optical Slip Ring Assemblies

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Precision Machine Shop for the Optical IndustryCNC Machining for Microscopes

When normal machine shops can’t accomplish the high precision cuts you need for your products, Owens Industries is your best choice. We have unmatched CNC machining capabilities, including 5 axis work, EDM, and micromachining services – we achieve tolerances other machine shops never can. Just ask our Everett, Washington client, who needed slip ring assemblies commissioned. Each individual assembly require 35 custom machined parts – utilizing several materials including:

  • Aluminum
  • Teflon
  • Oilite
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Stainless Steel

Along with these demands, the design engineer made each part interchangeable with the other parts for over 100 assemblies. Their initial supplier had made 25 assemblies total, which worked but were not interchangeable amongst each other.

Owens met the challenge head on. The complexity of this component required half of one part to connect exactly with half of another part. Because of the cut width, only one half of each part was viable. The other half was thrown out as un-usable. When the client saw our finished assembly featuring the interchangeable parts, he was thrilled. We completed all 100 assemblies and he continues to be a loyal customer and close friend.
Finding success in the CNC machine service business isn’t easy unless you are honestly offering every option you can to your clients. Many companies offer 3 axis and 4 axis milling services, but here at Owens we always provide the best. Owens Industries has every CNC machine service needed in today’s day and age, including:

Owens Industries: Providing CNC Services for Companies throughout the United States

Whether you’re an energy company based in Florida or a medical corporation out in California, Owens Industries can supply you with high precision CNC services helping you build the products you need for efficient operation. Although the aircraft industry has greatly benefited from our services, there are many other industries who utilize our services every year. You need a part cut for a robotic arm? A component shaped for your oil rigging machine? Owens Industries has you covered, no matter where you’re located. Industries our services have played key roles in include:

Owens Industries has been around for 60+ years. If you’re interested in seeing more of the CNC machining services we provide, take a look at our gallery. Using three dimensional video footage to show you a comprehensive perspective of past products we’ve cut, our gallery is a visually appealing tour of our growing successes. If you’re more interested in reading, we also have more case studies, helping you get better acquainted with our company and gain an understanding of why we’re a leading CNC service provider in the U.S.


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