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Components for Industries in West Palm Beach, FloridaAerospace Industry in West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida has a huge workforce and more than 40,000 businesses throughout the county serving a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, aviation, and healthcare. Everything from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies, West Palm Beach is an ideal location for your industry-specific business to thrive.

Owens Industries manufactures precise components for companies throughout West Palm Beach – no matter if you need pistons for your aerospace engine valves or new catheter heads made for medical devices, the professionals at Owens can make them for you with the highest quality materials and with the tightest tolerances.

Aerospace & Aviation Industries in Palm County, Florida

Aerospace and aviation are booming industries throughout the state of Florida, and West Palm Beach is home to industry-specific companies such as Sikorsky, Power Systems Manufacturing, and even Gulfstream. These industries require precise components to be manufactured for complex pieces of equipment. Some of the parts and components the experts at Owens have built for businesses in this industry include:

Precision Components Manufactured for the Florida Medical Industry

The healthcare industry is prevalent throughout West Palm Beach, and companies like Biotest and the Florida Atlantic University Medical School offer thousands of careers to workers in the medical field. Functioning equipment is necessary when working in the medical field – no matter if you’re a medical student or working as a surgeon, high-quality medical equipment is necessary when you want to give your patients the very best care.

Some of the components Owens Industries has manufactured for the medical industry include: 

Get High-Quality Components from Owens Industries

We engineer and manufacture a wide array of precise components for Florida industries, and we can build parts for your West Palm Beach business. Our capabilities extend to 5-axis milling and CNC Swiss machining, and even to wire EDM and micromachining. Whatever type of CNC machining you need for your specific components, Owens Industries will deliver.

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