CNC Machining for Businesses in Saint Paul, MN

Precision CNC Milling from the Experts at OwensCNC Machining Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul is the capital of the state of Minnesota and the largest city in Ramsey County. Saint Paul has over 308,000 people and is one of the most populated cities in the Midwest, providing jobs for thousands of people in the medical, manufacturing, automotive, and education industries.

Owens Industries is known for fabricating components for a wide range of businesses. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing CNC parts, Owens Industries will craft any component to your specifications and exceed expectations every time. The nature of both medical and food manufacturing means that many of the components will be exposed to a variety of environments that would quickly wear down lesser-made components.

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Long-Lasting Components for Any Application

Creating your component is only the beginning – from there the component fulfills its goal by helping your business function. We wouldn’t be in business for 30 years without a reputation of crafting components that excel in their function. Both medical and food manufacturing businesses require components made from materials that are easily cleaned, sterile, and resilient. Owens Industries has achieved great success using these materials:

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