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North Carolina Industries Trust the Experts at Owens Industries5-Axis Machining Services Raleigh

North Carolina has been known for its many industries producing a wide variety of goods and services used all over the country. Their booming economy allows for thousands of jobs in aerospace, agriculture, aviation, military/defense, medicine, and even automation. The professionals at Owens Industries serves industry professionals in North Carolina with the highest precision machining services in the country.

Our 5 axis machining services can achieve an angular tolerance of just .002°. Paired with our old world deburring process (by hand), your parts and/or assemblies will perfectly meet your specifications and application needs!

Owens’ team of manufacturing engineers have decades of experience (for most, a lifetime of CNC machining experience), producing consistently superior components for industries across the country. We are renowned for our fast turnaround times, manufacturing precision dependent components with repeatable accuracy. 

Achieve the Impossible with Owens 5-Axis Machining Services

5-axis machining is unique in its ability to effectively process part sizes and shapes with essentially infinite possibilities. Like 3 axis machines, the cutting tool of a 5 axis machining center moves across the X, Y, and Z linear axes, but also rotates on the A and B axes – allowing the cutting tool to approach components from any direction. An experienced machinist can achieve incredibly complicated geometries with high precision when using all 5 axes in conjunction. The skilled and highly experienced CNC machinists and programmers at Owens Industries are capable of machining complex shapes, undercuts, and complicated angles.

Owens manufactures precision components for a wide range of industries, including:

Owens Industries provides 5 axis CNC machining services that achieve an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree (.002°). We specialize in true 5 axis contour machining, manufacturing “almost impossible to make” 5 axis components with ease. It takes more than just excellent machining and programming skills to perform true 5 axis work. Our manufacturing engineers are remarkable machinists and have been with Owens for 20 - 30+ years. They fix, program, and set up the machines, as well as produce the components themselves, running the job until all the fine-tuning is complete no matter how complex the parts are that an order calls for.

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