Lubbock, TX CNC Machining Services

Complex, Precise Component Manufacturing with 5 Axis MillingCNC Machining Services for Lubbock, TX Businesses

Lubbock, also known as “Hub City”, is one of the most populated cities in the state of Texas with over 250,000 people. Some of the major industries in Lubbock include education, research, healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing, and Lubbock's largest employers including Texas Tech University, Covenant Health System, and University Medical Center.

Owens Industries is the machine shop of choice for many businesses in Texas as well as across the United States. Our professional CNC engineers will help you make the right choice for your specific part and application needs – whether you’re in the medical field, or you need a new component for an oil rig, the team at Owens can help you achieve the tight tolerances and ultra-precision our competitors can only dream of accomplishing.

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Texas Machine Shop Guaranteeing Ultra Precision with 5-Axis Machines

Owens Industries offers customers superior 5-axis CNC machining services for Lubbock businesses. Our 5 axis milling system achieves an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree. We can easily produce precise, complex parts other machine shops are not able to manufacture.

Our skilled machinists utilize 5-axis machining for a number of industries, ranging from oil and gas applications to surgical tool components, producing precise parts with repeatable accuracy and fast turnaround times. From precision gears requiring 1-micron tolerances to anti-locking brake housings for aircrafts, our nationally-recognized CNC machine shop has the knowledge and capability to get the job done right and beyond your expectations.

If you have a very complex project that needs true 5-Axis CNC Machining, Owens Industries has your answer. Contact our team today to learn more!


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