Precision Components for Fort Lauderdale Businesses

Machined Parts for Industries in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Precision machining means getting incredibly accurate parts for your complicated machine.

Owens Industries is devoted to perfecting customer orders in Precision Components are necessary for the Aerospace Industryproducing precise components to ensure standardized, safe applications. We service an array of professional industries spanning across the United States, focusing heavily on industries which require exact parts for functionality.

Owens Industries is proud to provide machined parts for businesses in Florida and Fort Lauderdale.

Machined Parts for the Aerospace Industry in Fort Lauderdale

Aerospace and aircraft industries like Aero Mechanical Industries and Velocity Aerospace require accurate parts for flawless applications in their fields. One wrong part can mean at the least dangerous: a machine which doesn’t run; but at worst: a possible fatality. Rely on Owens Industries to get you the part you need, when you need it, and more precise than you could imagine.

We work with many different materials in the industry, including

And even more: we face challenges directly, achieving the same results we would with easier machining jobs. Contact our Aerospace Manufacturing Company for precision fabricated components today.

Machined Part for the Healthcare Industry in Fort Lauderdale

Owen’s Industries is a trusted supplier of precision medical equipment, which includes:

The manufactured parts projects for the medical industry we approach vary in application and design, but always the same in finished quality. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned surgeon, or anywhere in-between, high quality equipment is your priority, and it’s ours too.

Owens Industries provides the CNC precision, micromachining, 5-axis machining, wire EDM machining, and Swiss machining manufactured products to service your industry. 

Contact the CNC professionals Fort Lauderdale trust today to get a quote for your next project.
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