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South Carolina is home to some of the most successful and innovative companies in the aerospace, agriculture, oil & gas, manufacturing, and technology industries. With over 60,000 employees at companies such as Prisma Health, BlueCross BlueShield, and the University of South Carolina, Columbia is always in need of professionally manufactured components made by an experienced machine shop.

Owens provides quality precision CNC machining services delivering the absolute best results. Trust Owens Industries’ machining professionals to get your parts completed to exacting accuracies in acceptable time frames. Contact us today to get a quote on your next project.

Medical Machining Services Provided by the Experts at Owens

When it comes to medical machining, Owens Industries is the answer. Excelling in the craft of 5 axis milling and electrical discharge machining, our engineers are a favorite among manufacturers of cardiovascular and orthopedic devices, surgical instrumentation, and implants. Miniature parts vital to the operation of dental equipment and tools are no challenge for our micromachining experts either. 

We work with materials ranging from titanium and stainless steel to invar, Kovar, and Inconel. Whether you outsource the EDM machining of medical screws, need precision lathe work for an implant prototype, or require custom dies and molds to complete the job in-house, Owens will deliver as promised.

Owens Industries is the right choice for CNC machining of medical parts including:

Experienced precision CNC machinists at Owens utilize the latest technology to offer a multitude of components built to near-impossible specifications. Our CNC machine shop is proud to produce essential components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our promise is to deliver top-quality products crafted with ultimate precision.

Contact the CNC machining professionals at Owens for precise, accurate components for your Columbia, SC business.
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