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Get the Best CNC Parts for Your Particular IndustryCNC Machine Shop Abilene, TX

Abilene, Texas is known to have a thriving economy of major corporations and businesses. Major business clusters in Abilene include food processing and manufacturing, with major employers including AbiMar Foods, Broadwind Towers, Coca-Cola, Tige Boats, and more. 

Owens Industries can help you determine the best machining process for your specific part and application needs. Our professional machine shop is capable of solving the production waste problems of manufacturing clients all over the state of Texas with our first-rate ultra-precision machining and wide range of capabilities.

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Electrical Discharge Machining & 5-Axis Milling Services from Owens Industries

We maintain our status as an industry leader by staying updated on the latest CNC technologies and delivering unwavering consistency in precision. Owens is the best choice for multi-axis milling and electrical discharge machining. A step above the rest, our wire EDM services are perfect for machining complex parts that require detailed intricacies or impossibly tight tolerances.

Owens Industries offers a wide variety of machining services for businesses in Texas, including:

We specialize in a wide variety of machining and programming components for businesses throughout the United States. We can guarantee quality, tight tolerances, and affordable prices for your exact machining needs.

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