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5 Axis Milling for Complex Optical ComponentsMicrowave Housing for Commercial GPS

A Jacksonville, Florida company commissioned Owens Industries to precision CNC machine microwave housing for a commercial GPS with the purpose of being used for agriculture and boating navigations. To meet the exact specifications of their design, our CNC machinists created two identical aluminum parts able to match up seamlessly to create the housing. On both halves, we used 5 axis milling to manufacture a series of identical ribs. When both halves were joined together, there was a 4 Ra (micro inches) finish on the inside of the housing with ribs of descending height and a square hole.

The real challenge presented with this specific component was ensuring there were no leaks when the surfaces were mated together. Accurately machining this component would be difficult for many machine shops. Manufacturing high quantities of the aluminum housing with repeatable accuracy (so costs stay low) would be considered impossible by most. With Owens’ advanced machining capabilities this challenge was conquered with exceeded expectations. We now produce batches of 300 housings per month for this Florida company.

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Our services are performed by talented machinists, programmers, and engineers, some considered leaders in the CNC industry. These services include:

CNC Services: All Industries Included

For years, Owens has provided CNC services for companies nationwide. We’ve provided our services to different industries as well, making parts for space travel and energy production. Having a foot in every door possible poses a great challenge, but we’ve been successful in our pursuits for 60+ years. In the past, we’ve contributed precision machined parts for robots, oil rigs, and even military defenses. We cover almost every industry with our CNC services, including:  

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