Titanium Aircraft CNC Components Machined With High Precision

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Titanium CNC Machining Case StudyTitanium Components for Aircrafts

About 10 years ago a hurricane blew through Florida, in the wake of its disaster a popular CNC Machine Shop was destroyed. Following this event, Owens was contacted by one of this company’s customers. They were looking for a titanium machined component resembling a book end, their only requirement being the part had to be absolutely perfect.

After manufacturing our first 300 parts for this client, they contacted us again to machine a different component. Mark, our VP of Operations, visited the customer and met with one of their engineers and buyers. He learned the company was just starting up, but would offer components typically outlined with five year requirements, many of which were aluminum or titanium sub-assemblies.

Owens Industries took on the new work and not long after discovered the company was purchased by one of the largest after-market aircraft companies in the industry. Today Owens manufactures over 15 different part numbers for them, and adds one to two new parts every year.

Offering an impressive selection of CNC services to multiple industries, Owens has been able to keep up with the demands of this customer and many more from different backgrounds and expertise. Our services include:

CNC Services for Any Industry

Between precision CNC, Wire EDM, deburring, and our other professional CNC services, Owens has built itself around the concept of versatility, ensuring our clients have every outlet they could possibly need to receive the best parts available. The aircraft industry is not the only field that has access to our leading CNC services, though, since our many services give us the option to manufacture more than just aircraft components. Other industries who have benefited from our services include:

Aside from this specific study, we have other resources available for you to view if you’re interested in seeing similar examples of our premiere work with customers around the United States. Our gallery features 360° spinning videos giving you a three dimensional view of some of the most interesting and complex CNC products we have cut for different clients (the parts we can share with you at least – most of the products machined by Owens are protected under Non-Disclosure Agreements). We also have other case studies to give you a better idea of what Owens is capable of achieving.


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