Wire EDM Services for the Optical Industry

Owens Industries machined the above part (excluding the motor) for the medical industry – a Lasik surgery tool. This device has a blade oscillating at a high speed. The suction ring is attached to the cornea and suction is then applied. The Keratome (blade) moves across the cornea to cut a flap on it. This device requires precise accuracy to ensure it works properly and does not harm the eye.

Our experienced machinists and engineers used a state of the art Wire EDM system to create this ultra-precise component. We also utilize Sinking/RAM EDM and 5 axis CNC equipment to create a custom component that meets any specification. We met the same level of precision required when operating on the lens of an eye when we designed this component. Owens accomplished this accuracy, creating a Lasik surgery device used worldwide.

Our services meet and exceed customer expectations. As a result, we have many lifelong customers who come to us with their most complex designs “normal” shops just can’t handle. Owens Industries delivers the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

Contact our Wisconsin wire EDM machining shop for ultra-precise CNC services for the optical industry.
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