Housings for Turbines Used in the Oil & Gas Industry

The housing above is manufactured from a high nickel material and is used to mount on the end of a probe measuring the heat inside an active turbine. Owens machines a large selection of various parts for the Oil & Gas and Energy industries, including the above component.

Our skilled CNC machinists work closely with you to custom-engineer the highest quality components which fit your specific project needs. Fabricating a perfect component – in relation to how it will fit into the larger project at hand – is what we do every day at Owens Industries. We manufacture custom components for oil fire suppression systems, including flappers, flapper valves, cylinder blocks, pressure valves, shaft coupling devices, and more.

When it comes to pumping and oilfield technology, Owens Industries is one of the most experienced names in the CNC industry. High precision custom solutions actually do exist for a variety of problems you face. What Owens does so well is create custom ultra-precision components other machine shops are unable to match.

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