Sinking/Ram EDM Services for the Aerospace Industry from CNC Machine Shop

Machining parts for the Aerospace industry is as complex as it gets. The sheer level of accuracy required for parts of a single Aerospace device leaves zero room for failure. Product manufacturing is something we take as seriously as NASA does their missions. Adhering to regulation while maintaining innovation is the needle Owens consistently threads.

When a flight crew and a multimillion dollar craft is on the line, every part must be perfect. Using the best Sinker/Ram EDM equipment operated by some of the most experienced and skilled minds in the industry, Owens designed a durable, accurate part NASA could rely on.

If your next project has a complex component and “normal” shops can’t deliver the level of accuracy you require, contact Owens Industries. Our skilled machinists and programmers use the most advanced 5 axis machines, Wire, and Sink/RAM EDM equipment to deliver the best components.

Contact our aerospace component manufacturers for parts designed to the highest degree of accuracy.
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