CNC Machining Services for the Optical Industry

The housing is what keeps the optics assembly together. In the case of the borescope we created the above housing for, our challenge was making sure the optical system functioned at full potential, allowing lab members to inspect elements too small for the human eye. The final optics housing assembly for this borescope achieved the client’s goals.

When engineering components for equipment as precise as microscopes, attention to detail is key. Using the best CNC machines in the industry, paired with experienced, highly knowledgeable CNC machinists and programmers, we manufactured a component both durable enough to protect the optics assembly and exact enough to allow accurate measurements.

If you have complex components requiring tight tolerances “normal” machine shops think are impossible to achieve, contact Owens Industries. We have EDM and 5 Axis machining centers complementing our skilled machinists’ capabilities and making the impossible possible.

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