High Precision EDM Company Machines Custom Components for Medical Industry

For medical components machined to the highest precision standards, count on Owens Industries. Our skilled CNC machinists have a long history of exceeding our client’s expectations and the capabilities of “normal” machine shops. The above part is a medical lift used for minimally invasive bladder surgery.

When it comes to surgery you need nothing short of absolute precision. A centimeter to the left and you hit an artery, a millimeter too deep and you sever a nerve. Surgeons require an unparalleled degree of accuracy during an operation, and expect the same from their tools. When surgeons need accuracy down to the nanometer, they trust the custom medical component wire EDM experts at Owens Industries.

Lives are on the line during surgery. The smallest inaccuracy could spell disaster. Using CNC micromachining and wire EDM equipment, Owens Industries custom machines medical components for bladder surgery, LVAD heart pumps, optical surgery, and more. EDM medical equipment has saved countless lives and will continue to do so by exceeding the ultra-high tolerances required by the medical field. When it comes to the medical industry, Owens Industries is the leader in machining custom EDM components.

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