Precision CNC Machining Holds Aircraft Industry Together

At initial speeds of 500-600 mph, aircrafts rely on precision machined components to hold everything together and ensure safety. One mistake of failed fastener strength, and travelers’ lives are at stake. At Owens Industries, precision CNC machining to the highest levels of quality is everything. With clients like Boeing, we understand the importance of detail-oriented manufacturing, offering CNC machining services focused on aircraft travel. Small components playing a major role in big projects demand undivided attention from our precision machinists. Complex parts are no match for our machinists and facility, saturated in today’s latest CNC machining technology. Rely on Owens to take care of your specified aircraft machining needs.

Owens’ precision CNC machining services offer endless possibilities to your unique aircraft component needs. Our capabilities include 5-axis milling, Wire EDM, Ram/Plunge/Sink EDM, and precision lathe/turning - enabling any size tolerance or complexity. Don’t waste your time and money trying to find a Machine Shop in the United States capable of meeting your exact needs. Call on Owens Industries where we make the impossible (or what others might think impossible) possible every day.

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