Custom CNC Services for Fire Suppression Systems in the Oil & Gas Industry

Businesses operating oil and natural gas collection sites face a number of complex component problems troubling “normal” machine shops. When the safety of your worksite and employees relies on parts machined with the highest precision, you can count on Owens Industries. Above you can see the housing a curved safety flapper sits on (used to close off the valve of a fire suppression system).

Our team of experienced engineers and machinists created the above component and many other machine parts with 5 axis CNC, Wire EDM and Sinking/RAM EDM equipment. The experienced employees of Owens Industries are dedicated to precision and accuracy, especially when designing a component that could save lives one day. We met the customer’s standards, and they were very pleased with our work.

If your project is too complex or too critical for “normal” shops, come to Owens Industries. We meet and exceed customer expectations when designing custom components for critical projects. Owens Industries has designed custom components for businesses throughout the oil and gas industry.

Contact our Wisconsin 5 axis CNC machinists for custom solutions in the oil and gas industry.
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