Accurate Micromachining Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

The above component is used in a Stinger oil suppression system. Building a potentially life-saving system requires the highest levels of accuracy. This custom component from Owens Industries exceeded customer demands, and their expectations.

Businesses in the oil and gas industry frequently trust and utilize Owens Industries for their ultra-precision machining services. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines and facility paired with highly skilled and experienced machinists make Owens the best choice for the machining of complex components.

Owens Industries offers 5 axis CNC machining, Wire and Sinking/RAM EDM machining, and micro machining to create the most accurate, durable, and reliable custom components of all shapes and sizes. If your project is too complex or too important for “normal” shops to handle, contact us. Our team of dedicated, experienced machinists and engineers create custom, ultra-precise components for businesses throughout the oil and gas industry.

Contact our Wisconsin CNC micromachining shop for custom components for the oil and gas industry.
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