Aerospace Machine Shop Manufacturing Kovar Components

The above precision part is a Kovar computer cable pin connector. The problem we solved was figuring out how to manufacture all the holes close together while keeping the bottom flat. Following installation, no cross communication could occur between pins. The Aerospace industry always requires exact precision and Owens delivered.

Owens Industries has the experience, knowledge, and CNC equipment required to machine a wide array of materials, including Kovar. Our custom design and manufacturing services means you receive a unique solution to your complex component problems. Each aerospace component machined by Owens is job specific. Our ultra-precision CNC services, including wire, ram, plunge, and sinker EDM, have regularly met the precise standards set forth by the aerospace industry. Owens’ high precision results have made us one of the top CNC machine shops in the United States, even handing jobs and parts other CNC shops thought were impossible to achieve. Owens Industries’ custom CNC machining services can create precise, complex components that meet exact specifications.

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