Trusted EDM Company Custom Engineers Medical Components to Exact Specifications

Owens Industries is the preferred wire EDM machine shop for medical professionals in need of ultra-precise components. Using state of the art EDM equipment, Owens Industries micromachines custom medical components to exact specifications. Critical components, like this plate for a spinal fusion, require unmatched accuracy. When it comes to surgery and medical components, precision down the nanometer isn’t an option- it’s a necessity.

During surgery, accuracy and precision is essential. If a surgeon is a millimeter too far to the left they could slice a nerve and cause permanent damage. Similarly, a plate for spinal fusion needs to be precise down to a few nanometers. The slightest inaccuracies could prevent the patient from healing correctly. Using 5 axis CNC machinery and wire EDM equipment, Owens Industries custom engineers specialty medical components.

As a leading wire EDM company, Owens Industries is trusted by the medical industry to meet exact specifications again and again. Our 5 axis deburring equipment can mill surfaces down to perfect smoothness, allowing for flush application. Whether you need a custom component for minimally invasive bladder surgery, or for spinal fixation, you can rely on Owens Industries to custom engineer a unique component to meet your exact tolerances.

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