CNC Machine Shop to the Medical Industry

The above medical component is a two part titanium housing used to develop some of the early Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD); a device implanted in your chest to help pump the blood to and from your heart. It was used on the first attempts at a fully implantable VAD.

Owens Industries’ CNC machining services are so precise, we were able to develop a durable component reliable enough to be placed in something as important as the human heart. We recognized the importance of precision and accuracy in the machining of this component, a medical part that would aid failing hearts and help keep people alive. After gaining a thorough understanding of the exact use and needs of this part, we set out to determine the most effective machining technique to meet its strict specifications. Utilizing 5 axis machining and wire EDM services, we successfully machined a fully implantable VAD.

With the success of machining this complex component, we set the standard for future Ventricular Assist Device design. Milled from top quality titanium, and designed to withstand and compliment the constant function of a human heart, this component aided in a life-saving process.

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