Ultra-Precise CNC Work for Heart Pump Impellers and Other Medical Industry Components

A VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) is a heart pump supplied by the medical industry to treat failing hearts. The above is a Titanium Impeller we created, which requires super smooth surface finishes on the material. The electrical discharge machining that went into this VAD component proves our level of expertise.

Few projects are as critical as those dealing with the human heart, so the customer approached Owens Industries for the highest levels of precision and the utmost attention to detail. With advanced Wire EDM equipment, Owens Industries created a component that performed perfectly, and helped improve the quality of life for many. Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers and machinists created a super smooth surface with minimal friction to ensure smooth operation. We also utilize 5 axis CNC machining and micromachining to achieve the utmost precision.

“Normal” shops are not equipped to handle something as critical as a VAD impeller, but Owens Industries is not a “normal” shop. We created a perfect component that met the customer’s specifications and help save lives.

Contact our medical equipment CNC machinists for ultra-precise wire EDM services for the medical industry.
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