Precision CNC Machining Services for Electron Microscope Parts

Electron microscope lenses require a screen holder. The process for getting the screen holder exactly right requires multiple components, utilizing several services from Owens Industries. Certain parts use CNC Services, and select ones are crafted with precision CNC machining.

From wire EDM and 5 Axis machining centers to industry leading Lathe and Turning centers, Owens has the equipment and knowledgeable staff required to make the impossible possible. By utilizing our wide array of custom CNC machining equipment, Owens is able to create complex components meeting the strict measurements required in the vacuum of electron microscopes, including screen holders. Owens has strong partnerships with several companies in the optical industry, delivering results with the greatest accuracy. If you have components requiring tight tolerances other machine shops are not capable of achieving, or would like to discuss your component design, contact Owens today. We welcome any machining challenge.

Contact our precision CNC machine shop for electron microscope parts machined with the highest accuracy.
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