Precision Machined Medical Components

Tricky medical procedures, such as laminectomies, require instruments manufactured by the finest CNC machining companies like Owens Industries. The laminectomy punch/rongeurs, pictured here, grasps the tissue, degenerative disc material, or bone, decompressing the nerves of the cervical spine, or neck. Pain caused by the neural impingement is thus alleviated. Different styles of jaws or bites are manufactured at the tip in order to grab internal material within the spine.

Owens Industries manufactures precision medical components for every type of medical application. We offer expert micromachining services, including Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and 5-axis milling, provide the highest precision of machined medical instruments. The laminectomy punch is just one of our many machined successes, mastering the industry one component at a time. Our expert medical micro machinists create detailed parts to perform extremely delicate surgeries, requiring absolute perfection from our facility. Owens knows exacting accuracy is the most important factor when micromachining medical parts. We’re confident in our products, which means you will be too.

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