Custom CNC Turbine Impellers for Energy, Oil and Gas Industry Components

Turbine impellers for the energy, oil and gas industry need to withstand constant use. If a component fails, it could spell disaster and even shut down production. 5 axis wire EDM services from Owens Industries can create custom intricate components with detailed features, strong enough to withstand daily abuse. Fans on turbine impellers machined with 5 axis wire EDM equipment will face incredibly high stress.

Owens Industries machines complex components requiring the highest precision for Energy and Oil & Gas businesses across the globe. The above component is a turbine impeller machined for use in a power generation system. Businesses in the oil and gas industry require incredibly intricate and durable components.

Our experienced machinists and engineers used advanced 5 axis CNC and micromachining equipment when they designed the above component. The customer was extremely satisfied when the custom component exceeded their expectations. As a result, they became one of our long term clients and contact us for any project requiring ultra-precise components.

When “normal” machine shops cannot produce the tight tolerances and accuracies your parts require, Owens wants to. We offer 5 axis CNC and Micromachining services, as well as Wire and Sinking/RAM EDM services to create precise, durable custom components for businesses throughout the oil and gas industry.

Contact our Wisconsin CNC shop for reliable machining services for the oil & gas industry.
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