CNC Machined Parts for the Aircraft Industry

The above part was expertly machined by Owens CNC machinists. Utilizing decades of experience and an ever-expanding knowledge of CNC machining practices, our team regularly machines anti-locking brake housings for one of our aircraft clients. The precision accomplished by our state-of-the-art CNC machines is demonstrated in the above video.

Owens has been a leader in the precise machining of OEM parts for the avionics industry. Because we can produce such a wide array of custom airplane parts, you will have the exact part you need, fulfilling the precise compatibility requirements for a range of airframes.

We incorporate the latest in metal shaping, grinding, cutting, and deburring techniques to create precision parts too complex for lesser machine shops. Some examples of our OEM aircraft parts and machining techniques include:

  • Valve seat for an airflow regulator – 5-axis machined aluminum
  • Machined reflectors for wing lights – 5-axis profile milled aluminum
  • Aileron housing – 5-axis milled stainless steel
  • Door Hatch stop – 4-axis milled titanium
  • Control valve housing for brake system – 4-axis milled aluminum
  • Pneumatic valve armature assembly – Lathe-milled stainless steel
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