5 Axis Machining for Aerospace Microwave Housing Components

Pictured above is a microwave housing machined by our skilled, highly experienced machinists. Our machinists and engineers fully understand the level of reliability and precision required when designing a component for the aerospace industry, which is why we utilize advanced 5 axis CNC equipment.

Owens Industries provides 5 Axis machining services for complex components requiring the highest precision results. We also offer Micromachining, Wire EDM, and Sinking/RAM EDM services to create a multitude of advanced components. We meet and exceed customer expectations with the accuracy of our aircraft and aerospace parts. As a result, we have many lifelong customers who trust us for their most crucial products.

Owens Industries will deliver where other CNC shops fail. Our machinists welcome any challenge. Contact our CNC shop to learn more about our capabilities and what we can do for you.

Contact our 5 axis machine shop for ultra-precise, custom aerospace components.
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