5 Axis CNC Machining for the Oil & Gas Industry

The above Oil & Gas component is a flat flapper – part of an assembly for the safety valve of a fire suppression system. Owens Industries designed this flapper with the highest degree of precision and accuracy to ensure it would work flawlessly in the event of a fire. We use the same level of detail and precision when designing custom components, whether they are meant to save lives or not.

With a collection of advanced 5 axis CNC equipment, Wire and Sinking/RAM EDM machines and micromachining equipment, Owens Industries manufactures a multitude of parts similar to this one for Oil & Gas businesses. Our dedicated team of machinists and engineers designed this component and others to meet the most stringent demands. Every part is effective, accurate, and reliable.

With a long history and strong reputation of ultra-precision CNC machining services, you can count on Owens for all your needs. We excel where “normal” shops fail. If your next project needs to save lives, pump sludge, or do anything else perfectly and flawlessly, contact Owens Industries. We meet and exceed customer expectations and have acquired many lifetime customers who come to us for their critical components.

Contact our Wisconsin CNC shop for custom 5 axis Oil & Gas Industry components.
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