Medical Component Manufacturers Providing 5 Star CNC Machining Services

This titanium was manufactured for spinal fixation purposes. It required 5 Axis milling as the size and length vary depending on where each fixator is screwed into place. This medical component is a prime example of the ultra-precision CNC machining services provided by Owens Industries.

This machined medical component is an integral piece of many spinal fixation systems. Spinal fixation hardware requires a great deal of durability and precision - the device must be as strong as possible while still maintaining a small profile. Utilizing the highest quality CNC machining equipment, we were able to meet the exact component standards essential to spinal fixation rods and plates. When complex components require the highest tolerances and accuracies, Owens Industries is THE machine shop for the medical industry, providing services beyond that of normal CNC machine shops to meet your exact specifications. Our precision CNC drilling and machining services are versatile enough to handle projects from many fields, yet reliable enough to deliver consistent results each time.

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