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The Experts at Owens Industries Boost the Massachusetts EconomyPrecision Machining Worcester

Worcester is one of the biggest cities in Massachusetts, and has a thriving economy which offers thousands of jobs in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. Worcester's central location makes it easily accessible by multiple means of transportation, and makes it a central hub for industry and innovation. Massachusetts is already considered one of the best places in the country for the medical field, and some of Worcester’s biggest businesses are UMass Memorial Hospital and Medical School, bringing in thousands of jobs in healthcare.

Owens Industries manufactures many types of components for the medical field, including surgical instruments, parts for CT scanners, and MRI components. We do work all over the country for all types of industries, and with our extensive experience in CNC machining, you’re sure to have the very best components for your Worcester business. Call Owens today to learn more, or to get an estimate on your next project.

Medical Components Made for the Healthcare Industry

Owens Industries is a trusted supplier of medical components critical to surgical instruments, medical devices, and machines in the Massachusetts area. We supply critical components to CT and MRI Scanner systems, as well as manufacture multiple types of surgical instruments, including Trocar/Cannula systems, biopsy cutters, and more. Some of the other components we manufacture include the following:

Custom Components Made by the Best in the Business

Owens Industries is a flourishing CNC machining company that extends its services to numerous branches of the medical industry, from medical part manufacturers to innovative prototype developers. Whether you need a prototype machined for an industry-changing implant or have a design that other machine shops cannot accomplish, Owens welcomes your challenges. Our trained professionals will work alongside you from start to finish, accomplishing even the most impossible machining goals.

Looking for high-quality medical components manufactured for your Worcester business? Call Owens Industries today to get a quote for our services.

Contact the medical component manufacturers at Owens Industries today to get a quote.


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