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5 Axis Milling and EDM Machining Services Producing the Highest PrecisionCNC Machining Washington

Owens provides incredibly precise CNC machining services for many industries across Washington. When you need complex components for aircrafts or miniature parts for medical devices - accuracy is of the utmost importance. We manufacture complex components using the best CNC technology on the market for repeatable accuracy and precise results, including:

If another machine shop tells you “they can’t” or “it’s impossible”, contact Owens Industries for ultra-precision machining services capable of achieving your exacting demands. Decades of machining experience combined with state of the art, high accuracy CNC machines makes Owens exclusively qualified to achieve otherwise “impossible” components. Our Wire EDM machines are capable of producing a corner radius of .0015” and a positional accuracy as low as .05µm. Our single setup 5 Axis Milling Centers are capable of achieving an angular tolerance of .002°, and eliminate errors from human interference.

Since 1944, professionals from a variety of industries - including medical, optical, aerospace, and military - have been relying on our expertise for superior machined parts. We’re always happy to discuss the manufacturability of your designs. Experience the Owens difference on your next project by contacting us today!

Get 5-Axis Milling, Wire EDM, Deburring, and More

Owens Industries’ professional CNC engineers will help you make the right service choice for your specific part and application needs with our multi-axis milling services. We have 3-Axis, 4-Axis, and even 5-axis machining capabilities to help build your components to your exact specifications. We machine parts for a wide variety of industries all over the United States, including aerospace, medical, military & defense, and much more.

No matter if you’re looking for specific components for your medical clinic or aircraft parts for an aerospace company, we use only the best multi-axis milling equipment to build your parts to the most precise accuracy. Give us a call today to learn more.

For micromachining services in Washington, contact our Precision Machine Shop today.

Owens Industries serves the CNC precision and micro machining needs of Washington, including but not limited to the following cities:

Everett Seattle Tacoma Olympia
Spokane Yakima Bellingham Redmond
Vancouver Walla Walla Wenatchee Bellevue
  Kent Renton  
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