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Custom Military and Defense Components Machined with the Highest Precision

Virginia Micro MachiningVirginia is home to the nation’s top 20 military contractors – with a growing trend of relocating closer to their government customers, we can expect this number to increase in coming years. As this field continues to develop and competition becomes even tighter, choosing the right machine shop becomes critical to landing the job.

Since 1944, Owen’s has been at the forefront of military innovation. Our ultra-precision machining services are delivered with the utmost discretion – every person entering our facility signs a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your secrets remain kept. In some cases, we have manufactured complex components for classified applications. Though we did not know the specific use for the parts we machined, we ensured the results were exact to the specifications demanded.

Our facility is equipped with the latest CNC machining technology, including sinker EDM, Wire EDM, 5 Axis milling, and lathe centers to deliver the highest precision micromachining services possible. You can depend on Owen’s machinists to consistently deliver reliable products and complete confidentiality.

Custom Machined Components for Military Applications

Whether your component needs are for aircraft, marine, or weaponry applications, you can trust Owens to develop unique solutions meeting your specific needs. Accuracy and precision are at the core of everything we do. Our shop machines a wide variety of materials, including:

Superior parts and incredible customer service have made Owens Industries a leader throughout the country.

Contact our military and defense component manufacturers to discuss your Virginia machining project today.

Owens Industries serves the CNC precision and micromachining needs of all cities in Virginia, including but not limited to:

Virginia Beach Norfolk Chesapeake Arlington
Richmond Newport News Alexandria Hampton
Roanoke Portsmouth Suffolk Lynchburg
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