High Quality CNC Machining Services For Vermont Industries

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For over 70 years, Owens Industries has been a trusted name in the CNC Industry, providing reputable ultra-precision machining services to numerous industries. We’ve had the privilege of machining countless complex components for different applications, and have pride in our work. Just like many before, Vermont manufacturers, organizations, and businesses can rely on Owens to deliver the highest precision results. We welcome challenges other machines shops turn down or cannot complete to your accuracy demands, often exceeding our clients’ expectations. Count on Owens Industries for you professional machining services.

Micromachining Services for Your Industry

Call on Owens when your manufacturing process depends on small or miniature parts machined with the highest precision. Our micromachining capabilities, including 5 axis milling and EDM, have allowed us to machine thousands of different, complex components; for industries including:

Whether your parts demand micron accuracies or tight tolerances, we have the technology, knowledge, and experience to complete the job to your exact specifications. Once your parts have completed the machining process, they go through reliable precision tests using state-of-the-art equipment. If all parts past the precision tests, they are moved to our deburring department. We deburr our products by hand to ensure a flawless finish that will work perfectly within your application.

Contact our precision machining experts to learn more about our capabilities and to discuss your needs today.

Owens Industries serves the CNC precision and micromachining needs of Oregon, including but not limited to the following cities:

Burlington  Essex 
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