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Micromachining Services for Springfield, IL, Businesses

CNC fabricators machining Springfield Illinois

The economy of Springfield, Illinois, is largely powered by the city's booming medical industry. Medical professionals take care to pursue accuracy, and part of providing the best care and doing the best research is having the best tools and components for each task—that is where Owens Industries can help. Our CNC and micromachining capabilities enable us to maintain incredibly precise standards in the manufacture of parts and tools that have no room for error.

Owens Industries has years of experience helping both the nationwide medical industry and  Illinois manufacturers get the most precise parts at the best prices. Our engineers have perfected the combination of multi-axis milling and electrical discharge machining that enables a level of precision other machine shops deem impossible. 

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5 Axis Milling and EDM Guarantee Tight Tolerances and Unparalleled Precision

Owens Industries specializes in 5 axis CNC milling capable of achieving an angular tolerance within two-thousandths of a degree (.002°). This magnitude of precision is appreciated throughout the medical industry. Our skilled machinists have fabricated components of CT and MRI scanner systems, Trocar/Cannula systems and biopsy cutters, as well as medical components like respiratory, cardiopulmonary and cardiac devices. Our engineers can help Springfield companies design custom components to meet any need.

CNC Capabilities that Exceed Expectations in Every Industry

Elevate your Springfield business to a new standard. Owens Industries is proud to produce components that regularly exceed industry quality standards and outperform those made by other machine shops. Our high-quality machining capabilities are employed throughout many industries, including:

From diagnostic imaging technology and surgical implements to satellites, rockets and robots, our parts can be found performing in the places where precision matters. Our machinists carefully monitor every step of each project for accuracy and work efficiently to guarantee a quick turnaround time.

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