Complex Precision Machining In San Antonio, TX

Precision Machining Services for San Antonio IndustriesCNC Machining San Antonio

One of the best cities for major economic growth in a wide variety of industries is San Antonio, TX. From aerospace businesses to healthcare clinics and the military, San Antonio industries provides jobs for thousands of people all over the state of Texas. If you work a job with heavy equipment or precision tools, then you need high-quality CNC machined components made by professionals who care.

Owens Industries provides the best CNC machining services for businesses throughout the United States. We offer wire EDM, CNC Swiss machining, lathe turning, multi-axis milling, and more for businesses just like yours – give us a call today to get a quote on our services.

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Custom Components, 5-Axis Machining, EDM, and More from Owens Industries

The professionals at Owens Industries can help you determine the best machining process for your specific part and application needs. Countless times our shop has solved the production waste problems of our manufacturing clients with first-rate ultra-precision machining – we promise to provide you with the highest-quality components with the tightest tolerances and at the lowest possible prices. 

We use only the most advanced precision machining services for your components, including:

Get Precision Components from Our Wisconsin Facility Today

Get high-quality machined parts and components for your San Antonio business! Owens Industries has a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facility located in Oak Creek, WI, and our highly capable staff utilizes industry-leading equipment with unbeatable capabilities. We consistently strive for perfection with all of our CNC components – give Owens Industries a call today to get a quote on high-quality parts for your business.

Aerospace & Aircraft CNC Machining Texas

Aircraft & Aerospace

For a flawless application, aircraft and aerospace parts demand the highest precision and exacting accuracies. Depend on Owens to deliver components meeting or exceeding your quality standards.

Defense CNC Machining Texas


Owens not only provides unmatched 5 axis milling, wire EDM, and lathe services, but we keep the specifics of your components completely confidential, ensuring vital secrets are not leaked. 

Food Processing Machining Texas

Food Processing

Our CNC professionals are capable of machining a multitude of materials, and to the exact precision required when adhering to food processing industry standards.

Precision Medical CNC Machining Texas


Medical manufacturers and innovators alike choose Owens when they need to outsource CNC services, create prototypes, or simply cut costs while improving product quality.

Texas CNC Services for Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

When you need complex components for your oil & gas or energy applications, turn to Owens Industries. From micromachining to 5 axis milling, we can meet your every CNC need.

Precision CNC Machining Texas


Microscopes, telescopes, cameras, and more requiring 100% accuracy on machined components will get nothing less than expected when Owens is on the job.

Food Processing Machining Florida

Food Manufacturing

Food processing plants comply with a number of health codes and industry standards, often requiring parts of their equipment to be machined specific materials and precision; Owens is capable of meeting your exact needs.

Tool & Die CNC Machining

Tool & Die

Our CNC engineers have extensive experience with components intended for use with a wide variety of tool and die machinery. Tool and die production is a crucial part of many manufacturing processes.

Contact the San Antonio CNC machinists today to get an estimate on high-quality components.
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