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Salt Lake City is the biggest city in Utah, and the most populated municipality in the state, with a population of over 200,000 people and over 100,000 employees. The largest universities in Salt Lake City are the University of Utah, Westminster College, and LDS Business College, with education being one of the largest industries in the city. Healthcare, retail, and oil & gas extraction are also among some of the biggest industries in the all of Salt Lake City.

No matter your complex component needs, Owens will deliver superior results. We utilize the best CNC machinery in Utah, allowing us to achieve exacting accuracies and tight tolerances most machine shops are not capable of producing.

5-Axis Machining for Salt Lake City Businesses

The ability to machine a component to completion in a single setup not only adds to the precision achieved during machining, but also reduces tooling costs, overhead costs, and labor time, resulting in the lowest possible cost per part. 5 axis machining centers eliminate several inadequacies of conventional CNC machining techniques, including multiple setups, part transfers, and inspections; part handling, and errors associated with human involvement/interference. 

5 axis machining is used across a number of industries to produce precision dependent components with fast manufacturing times and repeatable accuracy, including: 

Achieve the Impossible with Owens Industries

Owens Industries has consistently delivered remarkable results using our 5 axis machining services. Salt Lake City businesses trust our team of professionals when they need complex components. Owens’ advanced 5-axis machining technology offers the best precision and tightest tolerances for all machined components.

Need precision parts for your Utah business? Contact Owens Industries today for a quote.


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