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Midwestern Businesses Trust the Experts at Owens IndustriesCNC Machining Rockford Illinois

Rockford, Illinois is a well-known industrial city with a national economic presence in excellent manufacturing. Known as “The Screw Capital of the World,” Rockford is widely considered the Midwestern region for manufacturing, automation, engineering, and other highly technical manufacturing processes. The Rockford region is able to have a wide range of diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive, tool & die, and other types of heavy machinery.

Owens Industries has had many years of experience giving Illinois businesses the best precision parts and the lowest prices. Our talented CNC professionals offer the best CNC machining services in the country; we design the perfect combination process of multi-axis milling and electrical discharge machining techniques to achieve the highest accuracy for every component we manufacture.

Ultra-Precision CNC for Rockford Businesses

Rockford manufacturers trust Owens for our reliable CNC that consistently produces exacting accuracies on the parts we machine, no matter the industry application. Whether you need tools and dies for your plastic injection molding company, surgical instruments or parts for MRI machines, miniature components for optic products, or any other complex components with high precision demands – Owens is the answer. 

We most frequently serve Rockford industries including:

Custom Components Made with Fast Turnaround Times

Owens Industries guarantees unbeatable precision and accuracy. We manufacture high-quality components with ease, which other companies have deemed “impossible to make.” It takes more than just excellent machining equipment and exacting programming capabilities to perform true CNC work – it takes the talented, experienced people at Owens Industries.

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